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Yottagame's Mafia City is a more-or-less text-based game for Facebook

Jun 13, 2018

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Yottagame's Mafia City is a more-or-less text-based game for Facebook and the iPhone in which your character advances up the ladder of several criminal organizations by performing various tasks. Yottagame Sued Over Mafia City Name

Popular Facebook game Mafia City comes under fire today as creator Yottagame is sued for trademark violation by Digital Chocolate, the creator of the Mafia City mobile phone game series.
Digital Chocolate, a developer of mobile and PC games founded by EA founder Trip Hawkins, is the creator of the Mafia City mobile phone game series, which includes Mafia City, Mafia City New York, Mafia City Yakuza, and Mafia City: Scarlotti's War. It's a series of isometric adventure games in which a character advances up the ranks of a criminal organization by performing various tasks.
Now Digital Chocolate files a 69-page federal complaint against Yottagame, claiming the company "falsely claimed to the public, the United States Patent Office and the courts that it 'coined' the Mafia Wars mark and owns superior rights to the mark."

According to the filing, Digital Chocolate informed Yottagame that it owned the rights to the name last year, and received a letter in response stating Yottagame would stop using it. The filing claims Yottagame instead launched a multi-million dollar marketing campaign with mafia mmorpg and filed two trademarks for the game and merchandising based on it.




Digital Chocolate is asking that Yottagame be forced to stop using the name, turn over any Mafia Wars product, and launch a corrective ad campaign worth double what the company spent marketing Mafia Wars in the first place.
Yottagame sent Kotaku the following comment on the lawsuit:
"We are surprised and disappointed by Digital Chocolate's lawsuit. The timing of the action appears to be opportunistic, and we plan to defend ourselves vigorously."
Yottagame owns two Mafia Wars trademarks and a copyright.