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Online Learning Platforms To Develop Career Oriented Skills For Success

Jun 13, 2018

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It is rightly said that ‘good people make good country’. Many developing nations have resources for education in the formal era where the collegiate degrees, post-graduation and research oriented doctorates in subsequent topics are awarded by the universities. However when it comes to employment and making a living from a profession; it is essential for a job seeker to possess some industry oriented skill apart from the formal academic education taken from the educational institutions.

The emerging use of internet has turned the world into a small place where likeminded people from across the world can stay connected to each other through the online platforms. Apart from formal interactions on any topic there are certain online e-learning platforms where the aspirants can learn some skills that can be useful in building their career as a professional.

Online services for e-learning:

There are exclusive online services that provide platform for learning industry oriented skills such as business management, filmmaking, cinema production, web designing, graphic designing and logical thinking and math and so on. These online institutions offer courseware that can be completed through online learning and after successfully clearing the subsequent tests, the aspirants can get the certification for the program they complete.


Different e-learning platforms for diversified learning:

There are different platforms that act as the University of Education online. However the learning pattern is quite different from what is taught in the colleges of different streams such as arts, commerce, science, engineering and technology. These platforms would provide education about a particular skillset that can be a computer programming language, language spoken in some geographical area and so on.


  • Tutorialspoint offers huge collection of tutorial libraries on different topics such as programming languages used in the software development industry. The aspirant learners can utilize these platforms and the study material provided to understand the skillset and be proficient in the same. The programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Java and many more can be learnt thoroughly using this learning platform. These skills can be career oriented though these certifications may not be the degrees. This can be considered as an added qualification by the recruiters to fill in the positions in the subsequent industry that require the particular skill set rather than the formal degree.


  • Similarly, Udemy is the learning platform where the aspirants can learn about different skills. This can be the place where the enthusiasts can upload and promote their training programs and earn through the tutorial fees given by the online students. This has been a popular learning platform for the employees that can enhance their knowledge and skills in different areas that are useful for them in their routine job or profession.


  • Learning different languages to communicate with the people in the specific territory is also preferred by the professional interested to grow their business in the particular area. Onlineustaad is the well-known e-learning platform to learn Urdu. Importantly, rather than Urdu used in literature and poetry; this platform is the largest hub to learn Urdu that is used online for AdSense, search engine optimization services, blogging and so on.


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