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It doesn't count how much we do, but how much love we put into it. It doesn't count how much we give, but the amount of love we're giving with. In eyes of God nothing is small. - Mother Teresa

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Daddy. It's been around 3 years since I prayed here publically in cross.tv. What happened since this time? Maybe I'm a bit more experienced as a professional musician, maybe I know more |más

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Leemeet Trio is coming soon!!

Oct 03, 2009

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As always, God cares for our spiritual-mental-proffesional carrier. As always, I feel it especially in the moment when day by day, week by week life offers me new great challenges. Just after debut with orchestra, I am delighted to invite you to Royal Jazz Club in Szczecin. Exactly on 11th of October (sunday), at 8pm you can listen to my jazz trio in there! All of you, my dear cross.tv friends, are warmly welcome!!!



The idea of this project has been born from usual need of composing. First in loneliness (Liliana Kostrzewa), then live – in a group of three musicians (with Paweł and Radek).


  Liliana Kostrzewa presents her jazz compositions mainly to polish audience, in Leemeet Trio (Pozen, Stettin, Warsaw). Her repertoire is a „leemeeted" series – author's pieces with a bit of slavonic note. There will be also jazz standards "told" in new arrangements. Ideal for quiet autumn evening…


L.K. - piano

Paweł Grzesiuk - fretless bass

Radek Wośko - drums