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ma cho


Those who plant in tear will harvest with shout of joy.They weep as they go to plant their seed,but they sing as they return with the harvest.(Ps126:5-6)

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soaring like the eagle..

Oct 05, 2009

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The strangth of man will be fall down But the power of the man who is with the holy spirit shall not be never down as long as he is carrying by the holy spirit of God's.

My trusty is my lord who is lifted me from the miry clay..I will proud and boast always for what's God has done into my life..My toungue is can't have enough to praise,when i see His goodness and gracious.

My soule will declare His righteousness and faithfulness through it all...I will never stop praising your name among the people..show your mighty power that can save the whole world through your servent who is doing your mission in Myanmar.If you are with me,let me go down even to the biggest darkness...Let me hold only your holy hand lord..

For my help is come from God alone who created this all univers...Who then can separate me from the love of Christ..Lord Jesus,i appreciated your purest love for me....

His love for me is very strong..Hallelujah!!!

I will shout Hallelujah.again  Halelujah..