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Aniplex released a brand new special crossover event in Fate/Grand Order

Apr 26, 2019

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Fate/Grand Order is likely the video game that receives the most figures among the whole production of the Japanese gaming industry. This time around it’s time for a new one portraying Elizabeth Bathory.To be more specific, the version of Elizabeth Bathory portrayed is the “Brave” one which was initially released during the Halloween 2016 event, and it’s coming from Takatsuki-based manufacturer quesQ.

The material-hungry Masters of Fate/Grand Order may still be days away from finishing off the ongoing "Gudaguda Meiji Restoration" spring event, but the cruel intelligences at Aniplex have opted to announce none other than the next event coming to the game: a collaboration with Fate/Extra CCC, titled BB Strikes Back: Let's Meet In the Digital Sea!

Fate/Extra CCC is based on Fate/Extra, the 2010 JRPG that also serves as the setting for Fate/Extella, Extella Link, and the Fate/Extra: Last Encore anime series. Though characters from Extra and CCC, such as Nero Claudius and Tamamo-no-Mae, have been present in Fate/Grand Order's roster since launch, BB Strikes Back is the first full FGO event based on the Extra setting. That's interesting because CCC itself was never actually picked up for localization by anyone, not even XSEED, which released Fate/Extra, Extella, and Extella Link. The reason why not could have to do with the dire state of the PSP market in 2014, or even the dire state of Extra's developer Imageepoch, which declared bankruptcy in 2015. It could also be because CCC is completely bonkers, even by Fate standards. Buy Cheap F/GO Saint Quartz Top Up from Mmocs.com,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery.

What makes this event really interesting is that Fate/Extra CCC has never been released in English.The title was released in Japan during late March of 2013, about a year and a half after the vita released there. Fate/Extra was released in the US in late November 2011, only a few months before the vita made it overseas. So it seemed Aksys or Ghostlight, never saw fit to bring the follow-up title to the west.

If you’re interested in Fate/Grand Order, you can check out the upcoming Artoria Pendragon figure in her Heroic Spirit formal dress, the Elizabeth Bathory Brave Version Figure by quesQ, and the Ozymandias figure from MegaHouse.Incidentally, rhe game’s developer Dlightworks has also recently teased a new game made in Unreal Engine 4. What we have seen is intriguing, but we haven’t seen enough to have the slightest idea of what it’ll be about.

The main event is expected to start on April 23, but there will be a pre-release campaign starting today, April 9, at 9:00pm PDT. Through May 7, players will to play the Main Quest at half the AP cost up to the Final Singularity. Nero Claudius (Bride) will see an update in battle sprite and Noble Phantasm, and she’ll also get a new interlude to go with it. Furthermore, all Servants related to Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC will get half AP off for Interludes and Rank Up Quests.