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Jun 13, 2019

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Spray foam is chemical product which is made up of two substances. Insulating spray foam in your house will help you to maintain the temperature. Also this will help you to decrease you bills and save energy. It is always better to consult an experienced and professional person for this job.  


spray foam insulation Toronto


Here are few question which one should ask Toronto spray foam contractor before hiring:


Since how long are you in the business?

It is important that you should ask certain questions to your contractors. Having a relevant year of working experience will help you to decide whether to hire him or not. There are many contractors who are new in the business and are no not aware of the process properly. Hence it is vital to consider this information.  


Can you provide some reference work done by you?

You may ask the spray foam insulation contractors Toronto if he is having some reference work. So that you can see the work done by the contractor you wish to hire. If not you ask him some contact details of his past clients so that you can talk to them regarding the working technique of the contractor.


Do you offer a warranty and guarantee of the work?

The most important thing you should ask your contractor is the warranty and the guarantee of the work. So that you can contact them again if you face any issue with the installation. They might offer a warranty for a certain period of time. This you need to decide before you hire him or sign the contract.


Do you have a valid license and other certification?

If some people are working in your house it is vital to get the valid authority of the person. For this, you may ask the contractor and co-workers for their valid license and other certification. This will help you to get surety of the people working in your house.


How much experience and training do your co-workers have?

The installation process is not a one person job. They need some co-workers to help them. But it is vital that they should be trained properly and should be aware of the process thoroughly. So that no mistake is taken place.


Will my home be taken care of while the insulation process?

While hiring spray foam insulation contractors Toronto it is necessary to ask them whether they will work properly without damaging the property. As this process may involve some tools, being careless may damage the customer’s house.


Is it important to move out of my home during the installation?

As the spray foam consists of some chemical substances. There are chances that kids, pets, or elder people may not be comfortable with it. You can ask the contractor whether it is necessary to shift somewhere. So that family members are not affected by the chemicals.


These are the eight questions which one should ask the spray foam insulation contractors Toronto before hiring.

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