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What is the Real Meaning of the Term Immigrants

Jun 20, 2019

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There has been a huge dilemma over the years when it comes to immigrants, there is a great dilemma how to deal with them first and foremost: are these people fleeing from real hell or wanting to settle down on our land to take it away from us? Immigrant Investor Canada is the right place if you need help with this matter.


In recent weeks and months, there are so many countries around the world that have confronted with an unprecedented wave of migrations coming from the war-torn regions of the Middle East.


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Many are fleeing from the conflict, from the Islamic state, from poverty and misery, seeking to acquire the "promised countries" all over the world, including Canada, USA and some of the European countries.

Considering that these people are trying to find a place for a better life, which means being able to find better and well paid jobs and living a normal life. Most of them are trying to run away from poverty and wars. Accepting them would be the right thing to do, because legally they do have the right to live a normal life.


Above all, there is a dilemma what are they: refugees, or immigrants?

That is why the many humanitarian centers decided to make very simple and concise infographics based on some parameters, which resolves all the dilemmas and in a very direct way points to what actually are the people who are currently sleeping in our parks desperately to live the “American dream” or the "European dream".

First of all, what is a refugee? A refugee is a person who has an unhindered personal work in his / her country of origin, and education is interrupted or postponed.


It is a person who is traumatized by the fact that she/ he had to flee, and who therefore feels a great loss. It's an unhappy person, a person confused by coming to a totally different, unknown environment. Refugee children are often without parents or caregivers.


A refugee is also someone whose return to the country of origin is not possible, and who urgently needs food, accommodation and medical care.


The immigrant, on the other hand, is someone who put his private jobs in the country of origin before he started on the path to which education continues, where feelings of loss and trauma are not necessarily present.

The immigrant is a person who has been preparing for a long time and, therefore, is more easily adapted to the new situation, which, in turn, can return to where it came from; In other words, this latter is her/ his personal choice. Often, the whole family is on the road, and generally all basic needs are covered in advance.


And there are those who are not even there, and in which many of the above factors are mixed.


These are the people who left the family, friends, and who are confronted with a different culture, climate and language, for which they need support .


They are on their way to achieving their personal goals, and they can also take on roles in a family that are different from traditional ones.


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