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Reasons why subtitles are a must for videos?

Sep 23, 2019

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Translate video to English subtitles is now an absolute must-have when creating videos. Here are the top reasons why they are indispensable.

Not only feature films, viewers often enjoy the subtitles, which ultimately contribute to a better understanding. Today, video content plays an immensely important role in social media, advertising, and brand positioning. 

And these videos need video subtitle translator. Not only because they give users more options but also because it directly translates into more engagement and reaches.

Reasons for the relevance of subtitles in video content:

First of all, it should be said that the subtitles are only necessary if the videos have language elements. Nevertheless, the moving images can always be underlined with text information to specify the presentation. 

But if a video was finished after a lot of work in the creation, no subtleties should be made when adding subtitles. Because the moving captions, mostly translations, sometimes explanations, have an enormously positive effect on the viewer.

Deaf people also want to be reached with videos:

Around the world, there are many deaf people. Another important aspect concerns the muting of the videos. Even though Snapchat claims that two-thirds of all videos play with sound, 85 percent of viewers on Facebook turn off the videos. 

And this option is well received in the public eye, where videos are increasingly being used on the go. Also, many users appreciate the ability to rely on the written statement in the video. 

After all, subtitles strengthen comprehension enormously; if only because the accent of a speaker is too strong. Many users use written language translation in English. And that is the reason why you need to translate subtitles to English.

Also, however, different languages ​​distinguish a target audience. Here it says: know your target group and build on subtitles in the appropriate language.

Encourage engagement and reach:

Of course, the keywords engagement and reach depend on language as well. Often the translation of the spoken into Chinese or French may be advantageous, depending on which market is to be recorded. 

The Internet also uses Arabic for at least five percent. The engagement in a video with subtitles also increases compared to those without. 66 percent watch videos without subtitles until the end, but 91 percent do so if they exist.

The SEO also benefits from the subtitles

Translate videos into subtitles are also beneficial for SEO purpose. The longer stay in the videos alone and the increased engagement have a positive effect on the ranking. Also, Google also indexes subtitles that are added to YouTube's motion picture content; and that in turn can make a difference.