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Use of AI Wearable Devices in Health Care

Nov 22, 2019

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Wearable devices when powered with AI technology development get a huge capacity to provide better applications for a bright future and provide further guidance to the health care industry. The current position is described how AI can help mobile applications to serve the best ways industry. 

Artificial intelligence

The scope of AI technologies was limited in the initial stage. When Apple acquired Siri, a voice recognition system powered by AI algorithms, public attention to AI has increased tremendously.


Wearable Technology

The evolution of mobile technology occurred with the invention of mobile innovative devices. For example,

  • On monocle eye
  • Smartwatches on the wrists
  • Chip strips on various body parts
  • Smart clothes on specific parts of the body or the whole body
  • Inside the body such as veins, intestines, muscles, bones, etc.


Mobile smart devices mainly consist of various sensors, tiny chips processing and communications equipment such as Bluetooth to exchange data and commands to and from other applications such as Mobile/smartphone/ tablet applications.


Use of mobile devices in health care

The niche of health is an ideal candidate for the implementation of mobile technology in conjunction with other technologies such as IoT and AI. For example, the health industry uses in wearable:

  • Motion Tracking: Whole Body Motion Tracking and body parts such as hands, legs, etc. During the motion tracking portable devices with various health-related sensors collect data on health and ship the analyzer or an application for analysis, presentation, visualization, and reporting.
  • Diagnosis: Various portable external devices and internal accumulating data of various physiological parameters and pathological body.
  • Drug: injectable drugs outside to the inside as possible with a variety of mobile and embedded devices with the desired accuracy in microdose and programmatically completely automatically.
  • Assist in surgery: During the surgery, doctors must monitor various parameters of the physiology of the body to avoid misshape constantly. However, the latest notebook technology with a combination of bird flu and the IoT technologies allow without any complications or based on wired surveillance devices.





Role of bird flu in Wearable Health App

Now we know that the scope of AI from a technical point of view. Based on what we can define the role of AI in health applications easy to wear.


Artificial Intelligence diagnostic

The AI ​​technology diagnostic aid by providing CT scans analyzes ray playback X and more. It can help in the diagnosis of suspicious lesions, rashes, nodules, cancer tissues, and many things revealed by medical imaging technologies. Thus, AI-assisted diagnosis and earlier treatment using impeccable algorithms and save many lives and the valuable time of doctors and laboratory technicians.


Chatbot health

It is an excellent tool for patient engagement and provides fast and real-time responses to resolve queries, medication management, and recommendations.


Medical Records Management

It helps in the compilation and analysis of medical records, data management, digital automation, collection of robots, reformatting and data tracking for fast medical services.


Digital nurse

It helps in monitoring the physical and mental conditions of the patient through a variety of mobile devices connected to the central system of analysis and monitoring of prescribed treatments until doctors arrived. These applications pose contextual questions about health and medicine and detect symptoms by portable devices to decide whether a visit to a doctor is needed or not.


Assists in clinical cases

With the handheld devices powered AI and applications, a clinical trial could be fast and support for digitization of existing drugs to save lives and resources.


Contribution to the training of health care

With a combination of IoT technologies and AR, AI mobile application development that is easy to wear help trainee doctors for accurate simulations and ideas without deep organs dissected the real human body.



We have seen that AI technologies have a huge potential in using healthcare applications through easy to wear. However, the creation of the idea of ​​developing the app for your health wearable applications powered by AI ​​is not the work of a small team, but it requires experienced developers and AI experts to design and Mobile Applications Development for a better future.

Source page:- https://iosappdevelopmentdelhi.blogspot.com/2019/11/use-of- ai-wearable-devices-in-health.html


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