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Sunset Desert Safari

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Best Desert Safari

Nov 28, 2019

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Have you ever wanted to explore the dunes? Do you want to know how riding on the desert feels? Do you want to try camel riding in the middle of the deserts? Well, you get to enjoy all this in desert safari Dubai. You only need to search for the best desert safari agency and that’s it! The company sends a luxurious car, which picks you from the hotel. Here are some amazing and fun-filled activities that you get to experience on this amazing trip to the deserts.

You not only get to experience the fantastic ride here but a lot of exclusive things you wouldn't want to miss out. For example, the barbecue, camel ride, belly dancing, camping, trekking, and Bedouins culture are some spectacular experiences that can take your overall Dubai trip to the next level. Desert safari is worth your money and time. The beautiful view and landscape will capture your sight.

When it comes to Dubai, the lists of things you can do in this city are endless. You can visit shopping malls, eat delicious food, and enjoy the beautiful nightlife. But, one spot that always catches the attention of the audience is Dubai desert safari. If you have ever been to Dubai, you know how beautiful this place is. It won’t be wrong to call it the “gem of Arabian Country”.

Ask any traveller, and they will tell you how much they want to explore the dunes in Dubai. Why not? After all, your trip to this beautiful Arabian city isn't complete without the desert Safari ride. It is important to note that conventional vehicles are not suitable here. You need to contact the tourist agency that offers desert safari with a quad bike ride. The cars provided by the professional agency are for off-road ride. So, you can rest assured that you will get to experience a fantastic trip filled with lots of fun, discovery, entertainment, delicious food, and sight-seeing.

If you are opting for morning desert safari Dubai, the SUV or another off-road vehicle will come to pick you up from your hotel or wherever you are staying. The ride will be amazing, and you will come across different cars riding on the dunes. If you have ever wanted to go on a bumpy ride where you get to see vehicles driving up and down the desert, then desert safari is your pick.

The good news is camel riding is included in the desert safari package. Make sure that you check and compare different desert safari offers and choose the one that includes camel riding in the package. You also get to experience dune bashing and sand skiing here. In fact, some agencies arrange desert safari with quad bike trip for their guests.

The VIP Desert Safari Dubai trip will allow you to spend the entire day exploring this never-ending desert. Do not forget to bring cameras as you will probably want to show your friends this short yet amazing trip you had in Dubai.

The SUV will drop you to the camp that is right at the centre of the dunes. Here, you will get to see belly dancing, enjoy camel rides, experience Henna painting, and eat delicious food. There are many desert safari offers you can find online. But don't forget to check the prices and the services the company provides. You will get to spend the entire day in the desserts. The sunset from the dunes looks impressive. Make sure that you take your DSLR camera or at least a smartphone to capture the views and show it to your family and friends back home.