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Jerry Wayne

Jw06033|United States

Hi Guys, I am Jerry Wayne lives in Reston provide independent online support for Microsoft and its product like Office 365, Windows, Outlook, and Ms office on different keywords.

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Grab Microsoft Support when browser doesn’t respond on your device

May 30, 2020

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While using a web browser on your laptop, you can stumble upon several issues. It is totally depending on the working that is involved on your laptop. There are various issues by which your browser doesn’t respond on your laptop, such as internet not working, can’t connect to the internet, no internet, or slow speed. However, if you wish to resolve this issue in a quick manner then we suggest you to take Microsoft Support. Our support service is not only famous in Canada but it is widespread all over the globe. Though, you can also follow the below mentioned steps to resolve this issue on your own.

Let’s start resolving browser doesn’t respond issue on your laptop:

Reset internet protocol settings

  • Go to the lower left corner of the screen and right-click. After that, you need to choose command prompt (admin) from the menu.
  • Under the command prompt window, simply enter “nets hint ip reset” and then tap on the OK button or just press Enter key.
  • Afterwards, type “netsh winsock reset” in the command prompt window and hit Enter key.
  • At last, restart your laptop and see if the issue still exists or not.

Reset internet explorer settings

  • In the search bar, type internet options.
  • Go to the advanced tab and then click reset.
  • Close the internet explorer window and then open it again. 

Repair Internet Explorer

  • In order to repair internet explorer, you need to open command prompt window.
  • Now, from the opened user account control window, select yes to let the windows command processor to make changes into your system.
  • When the command line prompts, simply write SFC/SCANNOW and then press the Enter key.

Remove entire Internet Explorer updates

  • Open the control panel windows and then go to programs and features section.
  • Choose view installed updates.
  • Tap on the Internet Explorer update from the list of installed updates.
  • Choose uninstall and pursue the messages as they open to remove Internet Explorer.

That’s how exactly, you can troubleshoot browser doesn’t respond issue on your laptop. In any case, if you are still experiencing this issue, then you need to take guidance from the expert of our Micro soft Tech Support team. We have technicians who can easily tackle down entire Microsoft windows issues and also can eliminate any technical hiccups from the system.

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