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Rick Lopez


Rick advises people about real estate, property investment, property management and affordable housing schemes.

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How Can A Good Real Estate Agent Help You With Home Sales?

Aug 19, 2020

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While realtors may charge high fees, the commission rates for real estate agents are usually justified as they put in so much effort in getting homes of clients sold much faster. They have the right tools and knowledge at their disposal to be able to do that. Here is how a good real estate agent can help you with selling your home.

Using MLS Listings

This is the number one tool that is used by expert realtors to promote the properties of their clients, and put them up on sale. They can look at the MLS listings in London Ontario database and give you an advice on how much to quote as your home price, so as to get your house sold off faster. Keep in mind that if other owners in your area with similar homes are quoting a lower price, or quoting as much as you but have their properties lying unsold for a really long time, it is probably better for you to quote a lower price.

Offering advice

You can also get useful tips, ideas and suggestions to improve your home, so as to catch buyer's interests faster. These professionals know how to sell a house fast, as it is their job, and you can rely on their advice and recommendations.

Connecting to other professionals

Whether it comes to an attorney, a home inspector or some other professional, good realtors can hire everyone that you might need for a fast and seamless home sale process in your case.

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