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Sunset Desert Safari

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How much does desert safari cost?

Nov 03, 2020

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Setting out on a desert safari? It is time that you consider everything thoroughly. If you want to have the best desert experience, you need to go out on the deserts. Wondering what it is like without actually visiting there can be pretty confusing. Moreover visiting the desert safari in Dubai once in your life can be a life changing experience. 

The Dubai desert safari is one of the most realistic ones. It is necessary that you focus on it thoroughly. If you have been hearing about Dubai safari for long, know that it is the Dubai desert safari that has captured everyone's attention. The morning desert safari in Dubai is something surely to look forward to. Sunset Desert Safari brings to you some of the most affordable packages for desert safari in Dubai. desert safari dubai

Should you be spending money on desert safari?

Many of us haven't yet set out for a desert safari, so rarely do we know how much the actual one costs. The best desert safari can prove to be very effective and is surely worth every penny you pay for it. The leading desert safari companies in Dubai ensure to take thorough care of the customers.

Professional safari riders can guide you along the place. The Dubai desert safaris have culture and history related to it. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on even the smallest aspect. You will be told about the history of safari across the place and served the traditional snack, date and Arabian coffee. Needless to say, this is one of the best experiences one can have had in a desert safari.

How much Dubai desert safari costs depends on the number of people going for it. Well, it is better to calculate the cost on an individual basis. The Dubai desert safaris are an absolute best with a wide range of things to offer. You will be given a warm welcome across the way. desert safari deals

Dubai Desert safari packages

It is necessary to note that there are different kinds of Dubai desert safaris. You will need to choose one that fits your budget perfectly. Moreover the right safari option can help to cater all your needs.

The Sunset desert safari consists of a range of things that will allow you to enjoy the view of red dunes at a pretty affordable rate. You will be picked up from the hotel in a SUV and will be dropped off at the location accordingly. Here are some of the things that your package from desert safari include

  • Dune bashing
  • Sand boarding
  • Camel ride
  • Soft drinks
  • Arabic dress photography
  • Sheesha facility
  • Fire show

You can always go for a morning desert safari in Quad bike. The quad bike usually lasts for 20 minutes. A lot of companies offer customisable packages too with Sunset Desert safari being the largest one in this aspect. The customization option comes in the form of entertainment, camping and fooding. Such trips allow you to pay for only what you choose. Head out to enjoy the desert safari in Dubai.

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