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Joachim Wolff

jsw Studio Deutschland|Germany

ויען ויאמר אלי לאמר זה דבר־יהוה אל־זרבבל לאמר לא בחיל ולא בכח כי אם־ברוחי אמר יהוה צבאות׃ Nicht durch Macht und Kraft, sondern durch meinen Geist, spricht der HERR der Heerscharen. Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty. Zechariah 4:6

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"Bombenholocaust - Search for the right values"

Dec 16, 2008

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Support for film production

Please watch the Trailer "Bombenholocaust - The search for the right values".

What are the right values of our generation?
Love, peace, freedom, righteousness, truth? What is the truth?

Yeshua HaMashiach said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life." © Bibel: John 14, 6

Trailer "Bombenholocaust"

I heard a new call from G*d one night last year. I should produce a film about Jewish people in
Germany. It was a strong voice. I remember exactly on this night.
On the next day I was in synagogue Dresden and told my Vision the rabbi and Jewish leader.

Please read about my film project:
On February, 13th 2008 we had a demonstration of Nazis with 4000 people here in Dresden.
I have done video recordings from demonstration, an interview with leader of Jewish Community
Dresden, an interview with Peter Loth survivors of the Holocaust, he was born in a nazzi camp.
And I have done video recordings from the life story of survivor Rose Price.
The catholic Bishop Reinelt gave me an Interview, that all for this film project.

Right now I am producing a new film. It’s a memorial film about the Holocaust, about Neo-Nazis,
about March of Life East 2008 in Germany, about the terrible bombing night on Feb 13th, 1945 in

We filmed the “Marsch des Lebens Ost 2008” - "March of Life East 2008" in the camp “KZ Buchenwald”.
Also I will take this material for my production.

I will show the young generation in Germany the truth about Hitler and Nazis. I will help to find a friendship to Israel.

I work hard for this film project. I give for this project all my resources.
It’s to glorify Yeshua. It’s to blessing Jewish people and Israel.

I thank Yeshua for all help to finish this project. I pray that German TV stations show this film.
I need the leadership from Holy Ghost.

Thank you for all prayers for this project!
I look for people, who support me, to get licences. I don’t have financial resources to pay for this.

Jesus you are the only reason I live for. I will glorify the G*d Israel. He is holy!

G*d bless you, sisters and brothers,

Support for film production: info@jsw-studio.de