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The Book of Revelation Unfolding

Mar 30, 2015

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Fresh bread from our Lord.. 
Read Revelation and ask me to help you understand. You are already in these times that have been sealed for many years. What I have not opened to those in past generations is now opening to you if you have eats to hear. What kind of church do you worship in? There are seven distinct characteristics of each of these in Revelation. I will ask you and you can consider for yourself. There is the church that does the works but has lost its first love. Are you passionate about me? There is the persecuted church that is being martyred for their faith. Would you be able to stand with me if your church was one of these? There is the compromising church that mixes the world and its system into the church. Can you separate the kingdom life from the love of the world? There's the corrupt church that has invited the spirit of Jezebel into your midst. Do you have discernment to know good from evil? There's the dead church. Can you tell if your church is witnessing the testimony of Jesus and doing the same works he did or do you even know what the works are? There is the church that is alive and full of my Holy Spirit worshipers. Do you even know such churches are my delight? Lastly there are the lukewarm churches that aren't cold or hot and I am about to spew them out of my mouth. Are you lukewarm? I tell you today if you're not for me 100% then you are against me. In this hour you will choose all the way with me ready to die for me or all the way in the world. Choose this day whom you will serve because church will not save you.

Marti's note:
I have begun to read and reread revelation because of this message burning in my heart. I don't know what it all means but I am comparing Scripture with Scripture and reading Daniel and other books that have references in revelation. As for me I want to know what God is doing in our midst. The news declares what revelation has already known for centuries would come about. The churches greatest hour is now!