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No Separation

May 27, 2015

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FRESH BREAD FROM OUR LORD… My love is entwined in you! When you first encounter me you receive my love and it seems so unlike the love you have known.  The love you know is man’s love and so you think, like man, that I come and go.  That is not so.  I am a part of your very being.  You are in me and I am in you and there is no separation once you realize I am.  You begin to love people whether they know you or not, just as I have loved you. You forgive people who hurt you even though they do not take responsibility for their injustices to others.  You began to step out of your comfort zone going where you would not have before you knew me. Everywhere you go you look in the eyes of people and see beyond their outer bodies. You see pain in peoples eyes. You see death in some who have given up hope. You see joy and peace in some. Your purpose has changed in your everyday routines.  Even though you have practical things to do your outreach goes way beyond those duties.  You believe the best, hope the best and simply give yourself in multitudes of ways to be there for what ever is needful. You are no longer living alone but I am living in you and your old life is no more!

Marti’s Note:
It has been a gradual recognizing of my intertwining with the Holy Spirit. I once thought I had to go places to be with Him!  I thought everyone else had more of Him that I had. I didn’t verbalize these thoughts but I believe He came and went just like people. I believed I had to spend a lot of time with Him for Him to be with me.  But now I know the truth.  He is in me and I am in Him and wherever I am He is! But at the same time, I know He is with every other believer in the same way! So should I go or others are gathered in His name and be blessed?  Yes!  But on the other hand, do I need to go someplace to find him? No! There is a revelation to create a greater peace in me. I’m not missing Jesus if I don’t go somewhere else. Would I be blessed if I did go, of course!  Wherever believers are gathered together in His name He is!  I love the Body of Christ and I see Jesus everywhere.  So it frees me to just be guided by the Holy Spirit as to where I am to be and I have perfect peace whether at home or away!