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Deception Will Deceive Masses To Destruction

May 27, 2015

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FRESH BREAD FROM OUR LORD… Comfort and encourage one another. There is a great plan unfolding quickly to deceive many and lead masses of people to their own destruction.  Behind closed doors and in secret places plans are in place already.  You’re not included in this great deception for all mankind to come under the rule of the enemy of your soul’s.  But if you’re not wise, you too can be deceived to become swayed to something foreign to you. You have been created in my image and likeness to love, to bless, to help your brother and sister, to reach out to those less fortunate. Today walk in the light as there is still light.  Do not join yourself to darkness. Even the smallest temptation can take you away from the flock where there is safety.  I have comforted you and engraved you in the palm of my hand.  Not every believer has the same relationship to me.  I send you out in times of trouble to preach, to teach, to bless. Do it now that you might pull some from the fires that are lapping around men unsure right now.  Be strong in me and walk closer than ever before that you will not be deceived and stay in fellowship with one another.

Marti’s Note:
Every day I hear new reports and things happening in our country and I never dreamed I would see or hear. It has come as a “suddenly” that our nation is crumbling.  As surely as 9–11 happened other plans for our destruction are being formulated.  Be wise as serpents. When I think what I can do I believe the best thing I can do is stay under the shadow of the Almighty and abide in my secret place.  We need to know where to go, when to go and who to be with.  We all need a Philadelphia church (in the book of Revelations) to be a part of our lives. Jesus is with us.

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