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Charlotte, 9:26 am EST

Mar 04, 2008

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Yesterday I got to see the Heritage USA property for the first time. Morningstar (Rick Joyner) owns most of it now and they have church in the lobby (very extensive lobby) of Jim Bakker's former hotel. Amazing place. Interesting architecture and quite cool for a church I have to see. Got to meet with Jason, TV-Producer of Morningstar's TV-shows. Was good to see how much the media department has been developing lately.

In the evening I got to see my friends Kyle and Leigh last night with their new baby Miles. He's awesome and already very handsom. Reesy, my favorite dog on earth, happened to be there too ;-), but is now playing second fiddle. She'll be OK, having lots of friends of her own in the neighborhood. Kyle and I went to Mac's BBQ - man tons of food! Great restaurant you should check out when in Charlotte. That's it for now. More blog entries later today.