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"Tu es Petrus'-Motet/Credo~ Apostolic Succession

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Matt. to Rev. - Peter is mentioned 155 times and the rest of apostles combined are only mentioned 130 times. Peter is also always listed first except in 1 Cor. 3:22 and Gal. 2:9 (which are

MSTV: Season 1 Episode 7

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Get a Behind-The-Scenes look at MorningStar Ministries as we share with you REAL reality TV, and an up-front look at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit here at Heritage International

Running On Empty Nov 9, 2009 The Fabulous Life of A True Worshiper Part #4

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Here we are continuing in our walk through Elijah's life. I’m thinking, here’s guy who’s got a lot of momentum in his life. Things are kind of going pretty well for him. Jezebel should be

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Nov 17, 2014

New Leadership for CROSS.TV

New Leadership for CROSS.TV

Hello dear friends of CROSS.TV and beyond!  After much consideration and prayer, we have decided to | más

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