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The Jesus ChannelThe Jesus Channel (jesuschannel.org) is the free non-denominational TV network that features immersive sermons and teachings by top pastors, professors and preachers who delve into the bible and prophetic revelations. Also on the Jesus Channel app are the Messiah Channel and the Savior Channel featuring insight into Jesus the Messiah's prophetic return. Jesus Channel is broadcast by the non-profit Messiah TV ministries reaching across America and the world. Keep tuned in for new programs and documentaries being released through 2018. (JesusChannel.Org).

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Israel's Chosen King

1,882 Visitas

The Mystery of the 144,000

1,622 Visitas

The Person of Jesus Christ

9,537 Visitas

Who Is Jesus? (John 1:1-14)

12,687 Visitas

Evidence for the Resurrection

9,245 Visitas

Trustworthiness of the Bible

12,183 Visitas

Joseph and His Bretheren

23,823 Visitas

God Cares for Me, Even Me!

4,155 Visitas

Apostasy (Hebrews 6)

2,385 Visitas

The Holy Ones Holy Ones

2,826 Visitas

David and Goliath

12,137 Visitas

Immanuel (Isaiah 7)

6,698 Visitas

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