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Jim Devney-Sermons

Jim Devney-Sermons

GracepointChurchPastor Jim Devney is becoming one of the best "Righly Dividing" teachers in the country.
His messages are definitely worth you spending your time studying the scriptures with him.

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8-9-20 Sermon

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8-2-20 Sermon

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7-26-20 Service

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6-28-20 Sermon

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Why Don't We Baptize?

368 Visitas

In Heaven With Our Loved Ones

1,463 Visitas

No To Abortion

1,038 Visitas

The Issue of Hell

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Baptism, No, Why?

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The Believer's Prayer

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The Answer Is This Word

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Time Past, But Now

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Today's Gospel Of Grace

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Keep On Keeping On

1,307 Visitas

Grace For The Lost

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The Believer's Life Of Grace

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Are You Ready To Fly Away?

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Don't Quit, Get Up!

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Assurance of Salvation

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Páginade 2
1 - [[number]] de 49 vìdeos