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tabernaculo las aguilas|Aug 06, 2011

Los Dones y Llamamientos Son Irrevocables

Los Dones Y Llamamientos Son Irrevocables Rom 11:29 Porque sin arrepentimiento son los dones y el llamado de Dios Un don de sanidad no lo hace a Ud. |más
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Educare|May 25, 2009


People with Special Needs If you no longer see the person, seeing only the disabled who is blind? If you no longer hear the cry of his brother to justice, who is deaf? If you can not communicate with his sister and separates, |más
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Covenant Ministries|Apr 04, 2009

Am I Good Enough for God ?

The answer to this question is, YES YOU SURE ARE !!! .   I received a letter this morning, Titled Please Help. Billy is a 27 year old who has a sleeve of tattoos on his arm. Billy feels VERY Self Convicted about his |más
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Dossier Tibet|Oct 20, 2008

Son of Pastor Bike Zhang in Critical Condition after Severe Beating from PS

Zhang Jian, the elder son of Pastor “Bike” Zhang Mingxuan, was severely beaten by Public Security Bureau (PSB) officials while at home with his mother, Xie Fenglan, in Beijing on Thursday, October 16. A CAA spokesperson told ANS that Xie |más
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Dossier Tibet

Dossier Tibet|Oct 20, 2008

Call for More Doctors to Help End Organ Pillaging by Chinese Regime

Over the last two years David Matas and David Kilgour have travelled the world seeking support to press China’s communist regime to stop harvesting and selling the organs of prisoners of conscience. The international human rights lawyer and |más
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Dossier Tibet

Dossier Tibet|Nov 02, 2008

China’s Two Major Manchu Internet Forums Closed

China’s two major Manchu internet forums have been shut down. The server supplier for one forum said it is due to technical problems. As to whether it was shut down for political reasons, the person in charge of the website refused to speculate. |más
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Dossier Tibet

Dossier Tibet|Oct 21, 2008

China : Pastor Bike’s Son Regains Consciousness

Zhang Jian, the oldest son of Pastor “Bike” Zhang Mingxuan, has regained consciousness in the Emergency Room at Beijing Min Hang Hospital. According to China Aid Association (CAA), Zhang Jian was severely beaten with iron bars at his |más
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Dossier Tibet

Dossier Tibet|Dec 20, 2008


ChinaAid issues an urgent call to the international press, government leaders and concerned individuals around the world to intercede on behalf of Christian prisoners in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Alimujiang Yimiti, Wusiman Yiming and Lou |más
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Dossier Tibet

tabernaculo las aguilas|Jul 25, 2011

Torre De Babel

58-0128 Torre De Babel Enero 28, 1958 Waterloo. Iowa. E.U.A. 1.- Oh Dios, permite que esta noche podamos tener compañerismo en la |más
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Dossier Tibet|Dec 28, 2008

Christmas Day Persecution in China : 13 Christians in Prison

On Christmas day, Christians in Anhui, Henan and Xinjiang were persecuted for their faith by Chinese government officials. At the time of this press release, two leaders are imprisoned in Anhui province, seven Christian leaders are in prison in |más
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Dossier Tibet

Dossier Tibet|Nov 06, 2008

Yichun House Churches Banned

On October 31 Yichun banned all house churches . Some family churches were raided by the police and government agencies when they gathered on Sundays. Members were arrested but they are yet unsure as to the exact numbers. All family churches to be |más
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Dossier Tibet

Ariel777|Oct 06, 2009

Dios y la Mujer

Hola a todos. antes que nada quiero decirles que este mensaje va dirigido a todas aquellas mujeres que son importantes en mi vida,. y a todos los hombres que quieran amar a una mujer,. subí este mensaje por |más
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Pray for Norway!

As you probably have heard by now our brothers and sisters in Norway have been hit with a terrible tragedy. A bombing in the capital of Oslo and a shooting at a |más
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Dossier Tibet|Dec 05, 2008

Large Number of Christians Arrested in Henan and Shandong

HENAN and SHANDONG – ChinaAid has learned that a large number of house church Christians have been arrested in both Henan and Shandong provinces. On December 3, Tai Kang county, Henan province, more than 50 house church Christians gathered in the |más
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Dossier Tibet

Dossier Tibet|Oct 12, 2008


Repression of religious freedom in some parts of China has intensified over the past year, the US government says. The state department's annual report on religious freedom around the world criticised Beijing's actions in remote Xinjiang province |más
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Dossier Tibet

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