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Healing 2 the Nations International|Jul 14, 2008

July 12 - Awesome Housechurch Meeting

I sure was tired, and slept well. I had a wonderful breakfast, and just talked and talked with my great host Donna. She's an amazing woman of God, and I enjoyed listening to her, and hearing her life story.|más
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Healing 2 the Nations International

Healing 2 the Nations International|Jul 14, 2008

July 11 - Californian Coast

After 4 hours of sleeping, I got up at 7 am, finished packing, got everything into the car, and said good-bye to my hosts. I then drove the 40 miles north to the airport and returned the rental car. I'd had 250 copies of my presentation DVD sent to |más
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Healing 2 the Nations International

Österreichische Lebensbewegung|Jul 14, 2008

Alive Youth Festival 12.9.2008 Vienna

Alive is a youthevent with fantastic dancers, national and international bands and solists and a message to think about. D-Boys are the best HipHop dancers in Austria. A group of 12 boys have won the European Champianship 2008. Come and see! Buy |más
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Österreichische Lebensbewegung


HTML Embedding!

Hey Folks! Whats up? How is the cross.tv community? If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions, don't hold back, let us know about it! We strive to improve this site to fit the needs of the community, so please help us! Now we have an |más
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Healing 2 the Nations International|Jul 12, 2008

July 10 - From Friend To Friend

My last day in Kansas City; the town I lived in for two years (2001-2003), the town where I encountered God like never before, the town were my life was changed forever, and where I've found lifelong friends whose friendships are a treasure given |más
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carey baptist church|Jul 11, 2008

You are my witnesses.

Yesterday, I visited a institution for the admission of my son,in a college . Which is apprxt.40 Km away from my house. We were joined with our family friends Mr.Justin Joseph and His wife. We were new to the place . We left our home with prayer,and |más
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Fin|Jul 11, 2008


Finally, I am disarmed and I return to a normal civilian life! I'm really happy about that! I celebrated with most of my best friends having a BIIIG BBQ! For the summer I am working in a paper factory and then, starting with October 1st... Well, |más
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Eye on: Prayer

Hey People! Today we want to tell you about a feature that's running on our site for quite some time now: Prayers. In your own cross.tv area you'll find "Prayers" in the Top Navigation and there you can simply open a prayer for anything that's on |más
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carey baptist church|Jul 10, 2008


When I wake up in the morning I was sounded by the word of God that Jesus is coming with full of glory.He will reign this world forever. He will sit on the throne of judgment and all creation will be awaiting for their turn for judgment. Where I |más
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Healing 2 the Nations International|Jul 10, 2008

July 9 - Meetings

I started off the day at Christ Triumphant Church, my local church here, talking to pastor Alan for 1+ hour. It was good to get that time of sharing. He's a precious man of God. From there I went to get some things done, like taking my computer |más
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Healing 2 the Nations International

Healing 2 the Nations International|Jul 10, 2008

July 8 - Friends / Theophostic Session

These past two days have been days of meeting with friends, and it's been absolutely wonderful. I went over to Faith Bible College where I got my doctorate and talked to the director for some time. I hadn't seen him in a while. In the beginning, |más
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carey baptist church|Jul 08, 2008

God gave us a spirit of power,of love and of self -discipline.

As per 2 Timothy !:7, For God did not give us a spirit of timidity,but a spirit of be power ,of love and of self-discipline. My brothers and sisters indeed Lord gave us a spirit of power ,love,and self-discipline. But is not it painful that when |más
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Community on the move!

Hey Guys! We're glad to see that you all started to use the new audio features and discussion forums. We want to encourage you to continue sharing what's on your heart with all your brothers and sisters from around the world. If you encounter any |más
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