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haripriya|Aug 10, 2009

my blog

If God answers your prayers he's increasing your faith, if he delays he's increasing your patience If he doesn't answer he knows you |más
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desperion|Aug 10, 2009

Sow so !

"God can multiply His favors among you." –2 Corinthians 9:8August is an expensive month. Vacations, picnics, entertainment, air conditioners, and school clothes don't come free. As we start to see the summer passing, many |más
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desperion|Aug 10, 2009

Saint of the Day

Monday, August 10, 2009St. Lawrence(d. 258?)The esteem in which the Church holds Lawrence is seen in the fact that today’s celebration ranks as a feast. We know very little about his life. He is one of those |más
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Pine Ridge Overseas Mission|Aug 10, 2009

Our Roots are Established

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ , I wish to share with you all  the following Blessing  that has been  bestowed upon our support group. On 5th August  we have been given kind permisson  to us the Facilities  |más
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Pine Ridge Overseas Mission

Rio Plata|Aug 10, 2009


El pecado más grande del reino de Dios se llama soberbia, a veces nosotros como pastores corregimos el adulterio, la fornicación, la idolatría, la |más
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Rio Plata

Cornerstone|Aug 09, 2009

Come and be set free!

It has been our long held conviction that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings well being to the whole person. One of our dreams is to offer the therapeutic power of the Word of God in an application which provides |más
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ROCA DE FE|Aug 09, 2009


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Father's House|Aug 09, 2009

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Father's House

jenyv|Aug 09, 2009

It is very sad! Это очень печально!

Today I read about some protestant's churches in India which whant to "rethink" the position of theirs churches about homosexualty. It is very sad. India is one of the contries in the Word have a big revival |más
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satyajit|Aug 09, 2009

God and world

There is a supreme, a divine nature which is the true creatrix of the universe. All creatures and all objects are becomings of the one divine being, all life is a working of the power of the one lord, all nature is a manifestation of the one |más
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desperion|Aug 09, 2009

Tongue Lashing

"Do nothing to sadden the Holy Spirit." –Ephesians 4:30We either sadden or gladden the Spirit by the use of our tongue. Our tongues control not only our bodies but even the movement of the Spirit (Jas 3:2). Therefore "never let |más
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desperion|Aug 09, 2009

Saint of the Day

Sunday, August 09, 2009St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)(1891-1942)A brilliant philosopher who stopped believing in God when she was 14, Edith Stein was so captivated by reading the autobiography |más
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Tandag SDA Central Church|Aug 09, 2009

Denomination Operated School

Church School is denomination operated school.At this moment we're just on our 1st few steps, we are hoping that this kindergarten school will soon develope into a complete elementary school in the near future. As a member of the board, |más
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Tandag SDA Central Church|Aug 09, 2009

House Of Worship

We are now doing some construction works in the basement of this church, making classrooms for the soon opening kindergarten school. By the grace of God and the support of the brothers and sisters in faith this school will be opening next |más
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Tandag SDA Central Church

Brojim|Aug 08, 2009

New Life!...New Day!

A New Life!...A New Day!...Indeed, for me and for you who can believe it, Here It Is and TODAY IS!       How grateful I really am and how I love this New Life and New Day as A Gift Unmerited. |más
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