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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |más

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JoeClark (hace 1254 dias) (0)

So, after getting my Mola Setti, I am in love with it. I am using less and less my SDMV A90 and Westcott XXL unless I need the bigger size/distance from subject. As from previous messages I posted here, you may know that I am interested in a Para for that contrasty look. I see that Parabolix just came out with their 35 Deep which is pretty much a Para88 at least on paper. Wondering if anyone is planning to jump on it. I am trying to work outdoors as much as possible now so maybe a 35" is not enough of a jump in size from my Setti to make sense but of course, I expect the light to be pretty different too. What you guys feel about it?

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