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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |más

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Take a deep breath—if you can. Many of the things we do to keep energy costs down, such as fixing drafty doors and leaky windows, can also seal in pesky pollutants and irritants. Most people who buy air purifiers do so in hopes of easing asthma or allergies. But despite product claims, there's little definitive medical evidence that best air purifiers help to relieve respiratory symptoms.

Improving indoor air quality starts with minimizing pollutant sources such as cigarette smoke or dust and pet dander. We test how well a room air purifier removes dust and smoke from an enclosed space, how it performs at high and low speeds, and how quiet it is.

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The very best portable models we tested were effective at cleaning the air of dust, smoke, and pollen at their highest and lowest speed. The worst models weren't terribly effective at any speed.

Before you resort to buying an air purifier, try some simple steps to reduce indoor air irritants, including:

Vacuum often and thoroughly with a vacuum with HEPA filtration.

Ban smoking indoors.

Maintain your heating and cooling equipment and change air filters regularly.

Minimize use of candles and wood fires.

Use exhaust fans in kitchen, bath, and laundry areas.

Don't store chemicals, solvents, glues, or pesticides near your living quarters.

If pollen or related allergies keep you from opening windows, run your air conditioner or forced-air cooling system with a clean air filter.

The Pros and Cons
Pros: They’re portable—most room air purifiers weigh from 10 to 20 pounds, have a handle, and stand on the floor or on a table, while heavier models might have wheels.

Many have a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which can capture ultrafine particles. Keep in mind: Most HEPA filters need to be replaced annually, an expense that might approach the cost of the air cleaner, but a few models are now available with cleanable HEPA filters.

Cons: Portable models that use either electrostatic-precipitator or ionizer technology could produce some ozone, a lung irritant.
Dedicated ozone generators, a subcategory of room models, produce large amounts of ozone by design. According to manufacturers, that is to reduce allergens such as dust, smoke, pollen, germs, and mold. Ozone, however, is a serious health concern, prompting the State of California to ban the sale of ozone generators (and other air purifiers that emit more than 50 parts per billion of ozone) from the general market.

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