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Como iglesia u organización usted puede tomar ventajas de las cuentas de cross.tv para iglesias u organizaciones, que le permite construir su propia red social para su congregación, miembros y base de apoyo. Algunas de las funciones que su cuenta de cross.tv le ofrece son:

  • Página de Iglesia/Congregación con multiples capacidades, menú personal y opción para añadir páginas en multiples idiomas. Usted puede elegir el idioma de su  página durante su creación. Sus visitantes verán automaticamente tu sitio en su propio lenguaje si usted lo habilita en sus idiomas particulares.  
  • Función de red de Oración
  • Archivar y compartir Videos. espacio de servidor ilimitado, s permiten los formatos de vídeos más comunes.
  • Archivar y compartir archivos de Audio. Espacio de servidor ilimitado.
  • Compartir Fotos.
  • Herramientas de administración de eventos.
  • Foros de discución privados.
  • Chat de Audio/Video
  • Servicio de Blogs
  • Permite incrustar Vídeos
  • Boletines/Mensajes masivos
  • Construcción de una red de contactos local y global
  • Notificación automática a su red de contactos de sus últimas actualizaciones y blogs.
  • Membresía gratuita en el localizador global de iglesias.
  • Anuncios Gratis en el calendario global.

He aqui Here are a few great ideas for your cross.tv Church account or Organizational account:

Relationship Types:

Add your Leadership, Staff, Members and Friends of your church according to their position within your church. You can add your Senior Pastor as “Senior Pastor”, your Youth Leader as “Youth Leader”, your Worship Leader as “Worship Leader”, other Leadership as “Leadership”, your Members as “Members” and the outside friends of your church as “Friends”, and so on.

This feature conveniently allows your viewers to get a complete picture of your church/organization as well as whom your church members are, staff members, and who is in leadership. Of course you are not forced to use these features and you can always make changes to the relationship types later on.

Permission System:

Churches and organizations can use cross.tv as a secure Intranet and internal communication and media sharing system in a very simple and intuitive way and all for free.  Use the relationship type feature and arrange your contact network in groups to distribute certain permissions to certain people.

You can use this to form groups within your contact network in order to share certain videos, audio files, photos, blogs and other content with only a certain group of people in your contact network.  Or, create a closed multimedia forum which only a certain group in your network have access to. You can create multiple multimedia forums and grant certain contacts or contact groups (for example: your leadership members, or staff members) access to them to share information and media files with each other.

Video Streaming:

Use our innovative video players to embed all your media content on your church website. You can create your own archive on cross.tv and upload as much video footage in SD or HD as you like.  Embed all videos with our unique VoD Channel Player, allowing your website visitors to access all your videos through the “on player menu”.

Create live channels to stream your events live or a 24/7 stream, arranging all your archived on demand video content in a “drag and drop broadcast schedule”.  For more information go to “Stream with cross.tv”.

The beauty of streaming with cross.tv is that you receive all the powerful, customizable video players for your church website combined with the power of social networking, plus access to the global audience of cross.tv at the same time! Upload your videos once and make them available on your website, and on the largest Christian global, multilingual social media community! In addition, your contact network is automatically informed about your latest video uploads and enticed to come back and stay in touch with you.

Event Management:

Use cross.tv’s event management tool to announce events to your church, staff, certain groups in your contact network, or to the entire global cross.tv community. It is up to you because you have full control of your site!

Your contacts can confirm their r.s.v.p. or direct them to register online. Your event participants form a group within your network that you can share exclusive information or media with.  They can also share event testimonies, photos and videos they captured at the event with your page or with their friends.


EXPERT TIP 1: Work with your cross.tv account until you feel comfortable with it and then invite your whole congregation, supporter base, contact group to join your contact network. In order to truly utilize cross.tv’s free services for your social networking and media streaming endeavors, it is crucial to add your entire church congregation, contact base and all your outside and overseas contacts to your contact network on cross.tv. Once you upload your notifications, blogs and videos, this contact base will enable you to receive feedback and develop true interaction with your contacts.   

To do this, simply import a CSV file with email addresses of your members, visitors, and friends to invite them to join. No information will be stored or used by cross.tv in any way. Announce your invitations to cross.tv in advance in your church services, conferences, group gatherings, on your website or via email in order to make your congregation, visitors, and friends aware of the upcoming email invitation. With new spam filters, many invitations may show up out of sight in their spam box, and they will never know about your invitation costing you a valuable connection.

EXPERT TIP 2: Have a church account on Facebook and/or Twitter? Connect it with your cross.tv church account to multiply your social networking power, and to make it easier on yourself. You only need to publish something once.  Publish it on cross.tv and it will automatically be published within your Facebook and/or Twitter as well! This way you don’t have to maintain multiple social network accounts.

Cross.tv is a family friendly, multilingual social media network, featuring innovative networking and video streaming services.  And it’s free!

Would you like a free cross.tv account for your church?

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