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Simona Panaitescu


"Let all that go - hold only on to love." (Interpretation of Scriptures 108 f., through Jakob Lorber)

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"[1] THEN some of My disciples said: “Lord, all this would be fine if men in this world would not be exposed to temptations to commit sin. A person, in a weak moment, will easily commit |más

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After talking to a kind New Age believer...

Feb 16, 2013

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Our challenges in these troubled End Times are greater than ever... Many people are increasingly eager for spirituality but usually just stick with the mixture of superstition and truth given by institutionalized religions or chose some good looking, but very dangerous New Age stuff. To get them out of their preconceptions in order to have at least a small glance to the overwhelming picture of the divine love given in the New Revelation, might require unusual patience and diplomacy.

To make them understand that behind the "contracts with God"offered by the priests or behind the compassionate communication of a "Galactic Federation representative", stands a very clever algorithm to develop the ego and block any true feeling of love for the true God, might be one very difficult enterprise. So, we might start to practice more often this art of gently guiding the souls toward the Lord using no other miracle but the greatest one, which, according to Himself, is exactly this direct word of His. Otherwise, there's no chance that we would ever master it and consequently, bring the expected good fruits ... Thus, this most incredible talent given to us as a pledge of great trust and responsibility will end up buried and thus, will once bring us not joy, but many tears.

"The reason why I am now giving out so much of the bread of heaven, as has never happened since the day I walked on earth, is that now indeed the time is approaching when the world reaches the culmination of its aberrations and deviation from My plan of creation." (Lord’ Sermons, 16)


“Whoever is destined for life on earth, shall be awakened to life through My word.”

(The Great Gospel of John IX 148:12)