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Simona Panaitescu


"Let all that go - hold only on to love." (Interpretation of Scriptures 108 f., through Jakob Lorber)

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"[1] THEN some of My disciples said: “Lord, all this would be fine if men in this world would not be exposed to temptations to commit sin. A person, in a weak moment, will easily commit |más

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Lord's answers to prayers (3) Feb 17, 2013

"[9] I said: “This question of yours looks still very Pharisaic. If you actively believe in Me, you will always receive what you will ask the Father in Me in My name. My personal visible presence is not necessary for that, for in spirit I am present everywhere and I see and hear everything, and everything – from the greatest to the smallest – I know very precisely and clearly. [10] So if you will ask Me for something, in spirit and in the full truth, I will certainly also hear and answer you, but a prayer as it is custom with you, namely with the lips and in mysterious words, I will not answer. [11] Because as a scribe you also know what God has spoken to the people through the mouth of a prophet when he turned to Him concerning the critical conditions of that time, so that He would answer their prayers: ‘I know you and the people who honor and pray to Me with the lips, but their heart is far away from Me.’ Look, so also from now on, a mere lip-prayer will never be heard, and least of all when it was paid for. [12] However, the one who is full of living faith in his heart, and who will ask Me for something that is good, will also receive what he has asked for. [13] And whoever will live and act in My name according to My teaching, he is the one who prays truthfully and unceasingly, and that is why whatever he needs will always be given to him.” (THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN, Book 21, chap. 54. The true fear of God)