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ICCC Russia|Russian Federation

Малахии (3:17-18): “... И они будут Моими, говорит Господь Саваоф, собственностью Моею в тот день, который Я соделаю, и буду миловать их, как милует человек сына своего, служащего ему. И тогда вы снова увидите различие... между служащим Богу и не служащим


November 2010 Letter from the President ICCC

Dear Friends,

I would like to begin this letter with a warm greeting that emulates from the incredible time we have experienced together with the Lord as a result of our ICCC Conference and International General Meeting in Spain. We had over 400 delegates from 43 nations attend our Conference. This is quite amazing actually considering the difficult financial condition the world is experiencing today.

I am compelled to preface what I will attempt to communicate regarding our Conference with the statement that it is impossible to convey the spiritual dynamic that takes place when we as a people, serving under the banner of ICCC, gather together in the purposes of God. While it is to an extent unfortunate, the fact remains that as an individual member of ICCC, you cannot understand the purpose and mandate we carry without being present at our international meetings. Nonetheless, the next best thing would be for you to purchase either a set of audio CDs or video DVDs that are now available from our International Office in Sweden for a very reasonable price that includes shipping. Each one of you as an individual member of ICCC, whether you are involved with leadership or not, will be very well served as you study the contents of the information presented at each session.

Please know that I am deliberately attempting to keep this correspondence brief in that you will be receiving the ICCC Update within the next few days, which will contain additional information. Let me simply say that in addition to the profound world overview from a Kingdom perspective presented and the strategically relevant teaching and spiritual experiences of the Conference, other significant events took place as well.

There were presentations and workshops related to the Initiatives and Projects with which ICCC International is currently involved. These Initiatives provide incredible opportunities for you to use the gifting and talents God has been developing in your personal lives and businesses. Over the weeks and months head, God willing, we will attempt to communicate testimonies of others who are taking advantage of these opportunities.

As a direct result of our Conference in Spain, during this very strategic season of financial difficulty in the European Union, God brought forth a spontaneous development under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Our members from Spain undertook a process of identificational repentance for the oppression and plundering of South America’s resources by Spain over a period of history. Likewise, forgiveness was given to those who have participated in acts of oppression over Spain in times past. In spite of noteworthy interference, a significant shift took place in the realm of the Spirit, as the events were recorded and sealed in the heavenlies.

During the Conference, our ICCC Founder J. Gunnar Olson was able to debut the second book he has now written. The publication chronicles the past 25 years of ICCC’s remarkable achievements as they relate to corresponding world events, highlighted by Gunnar’s significant involvement. This second book by Gunnar is filled with ICCC history and recognizes many of those involved in ICCC at its inception as well as throughout the years. It also covers ICCC’s current activities, and members. The work is bound in a beautifully presented oversized, first quality publication. It is not only a must read possession for every member, it will also be an incredible tool for you to communicate the significance of ICCC and the reason for your involvement. We have available 250 special Conference editions that are personally signed by Gunnar. They are available through our ICCC office in Sweden or our website, www.iccc.net. Please remember that with this publication, as well as our Conference DVDs, the purchase price includes shipping.

There is so much more to be covered, however, I must refrain from continuing. I will conclude by highlighting the consummation of our 25 Year Anniversary Celebration by way of the magnificent Gala Dinner. The dinner venue was wonderfully elegant and the food was superb. Rocio Montoya Heredia provided the vocal performance accompanied by flamingo guitars. During our celebration we were able to provide appreciations to our wonderful ICCC staff, the many Conference volunteers and our ICCC Chamber in Spain. I would be remised if I did not personally mention our ICCC Spanish National President Elin Riegel and her incredible team and their wonderful support during the Conference. We had the joy of experiencing our former ICCC International President Michael Fenton-Jones acknowledging all of the nations as only Michael can do. Additionally, we were able to present awards of appreciation to our Founder J. Gunnar Olson as well as the members of the first ICCC International Board from 25 years ago. The evening was concluded by a few keynote remarks from myself.

Following the conclusion of the Conference at the Gala Dinner, the next morning we held the ICCC General Business Meeting (IGM). I am pleased to say there was a wonderful spirit of joy and unity as we conducted the official business of ICCC. We received reports from the different Domains and Initiatives covering the last two year period. We received and approved the report of the Treasure. We provided for an extended time of questions and answers that was quite positive. Next, came the recommendations from the Nominations Committee for the individual offices to be filled in ICCC International. That was followed by the ratifying of the recommendations of the committee by the general membership. As a result, the following will fill the positions of Leadership for the next season at the ICCC International level:

Chairman/Founder: J. Gunnar Olson
President: Dale W. Neill
First Vice President: Saku Pitkanen
Treasure: Grahame Scofield
Secretary: Sandro W. Pereira dos Santos
Second Vice President: Ntiense UbonIsrael
Vice President At Large: Fredrik Ekholm
Vice President At Large: Nazaire Kibuti

Beyond the above, our new leader for the Teaching and Training Domain will be Mr. Bill Peters. God willing, at our next Board Meeting in late January the International Board will be assigning the areas of responsibility for the ICCC Regional Leadership and ICCC International Domain oversight responsibilities. Likewise, a new committee will be established to develop strategies and financial resources required for ICCC as we now step into this next quarter century of service in God’s great Kingdom.

We understand it is impossible to predict where God will lead us in the future; however, there are some things we do understand:

  • We know that God is drawing us as a people closer to Himself
  • We know that He is sending us to the nations to make a difference and to provide hope
  • We know God is asking us to develop new tools and become much more effective in preparing to support Israel, in the days ahead
  • We know God wants us to understand, and is providing us more insight into His Kingdom economics
To that end God is commissioning ICCC with projects and initiatives, initiatives that are on His agenda for us to accomplish in the years ahead.

Therefore, in line with our recent Conference theme, we must proactively “Confront the Future”. As we do so, it is going to be imperative that we keep our focus on things eternal. As individual members it is extremely important in the days ahead that we examine every motive behind all of our activities. Self-centered desires and personal agendas must give way to the eternal purposes of God for our life. As we face the turmoil that lies ahead, we must always bear in mind that we can make a living by what we earn or what we get, but we can only make a life by what we give.

One day all of us are going to stand before our Maker. At that moment in time, what we accomplish here during our life’s struggle on the earth, judged by the world’s standard, will be relatively insignificant. The relevant issue will more likely be whether or not we were faithful. What did we do here on earth with the gifts and talents that God has given us. It is so important as we walk through life’s journey we bear in mind we do not have to be perfect to be used by God. However, we do need to become and remain faithful.

As we as a people together “Confront the Future”, let us as individuals remember not to get so caught up in managing our time that we waste our life. The choice remains with us. We actually can choose to follow God’s purposes for us as a People. Likewise, in ones individual life, the individual can choose to follow God’s purposes personally, for their family, and for their business activity. The key to “Unlocking the Promises” of God, is hidden in the act of knowing and obeying the guiding principles of God’s great Kingdom.

May God’s blessings rest upon us all,

Dale W. Neill
International President, ICCC

ICCC International - Hjelmarbergets Foretagscenter - SE702 31 Orebro - Sweden
Tel.: +46/19 247 000 Email: international.office@iccc.net Website: www.iccc.net

ICCC President Office - PO Box 4279 - Long Beach - CA 90804 - USA

March 2010 Letter from the President ICCC

Dear Friends,

I greet you this month with the Grace of God who has provided for us in abundance as we receive His Grace in faith through the Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All praise to our King Eternal, Immortal yet Invisible, to God who alone is Wise, be Honor and Glory forever.

The focus of this brief letter is to communicate to each of you the direction we are heading as it relates to our 2010 Conference and International General Meeting (IGM). If you have been a member of ICCC for any length of time, you are aware that the decision regarding the timing and location of each ICCC Bi-annual IGM is quite deliberate. Please know that this year is no exception. Originally, consideration had being given to hold the 2010 IGM in association with the Israeli Presidential Conference. However, it now seems the next Presidential Conference will most likely not be held until June of 2011. Therefore, since our ICCC bi-laws call for us to conduct our IGM in 2010, we will be having it in October as we are now confident in God’s purpose.

This decision has just been made at our ICCC International Board Meeting last week. A great deal of the logistics is still being worked on. Nevertheless, I would like to give you some information. The dates for the conference will be October 27th-31st, 2010. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDERS TODAY! God willing, subject to final venue negotiations, the conference will be in Spain. The focus for the Conference and the reason for the location will be communicated in your official Conference Invitation.

Following up on our Leader’s Conference in 2009 entitled “From Gold Standard to Kingdom Rating”, the theme for our upcoming IGM will be “Confronting the Future… Unlocking the Promises”. As the world we live in continues to be in turmoil, it is most important that we understand God’s purpose for us as Christians in this volatile Market Place. This will require us to operate under God’s provision and protection as we move in the power of the Holy Spirit to new levels of release. Additionally, we will be celebrating 25 years of God’s incredible blessings in ICCC, while taking the next step in God’s purpose for this new decade of destiny as a People.

As we begin to prepare for the dynamic time that God is preparing for us at the 2010 IGM, let us agree it is now time for us to step into the full measure of what has become known within ICCC as the “Founding Prophecy”. This prophecy was given to our founder, J. Gunnar Olson, for ICCC the night before the official inauguration. Please recall with me a portion of that prophecy: “You will be bestowed a wisdom that will astonish many. You will see my power in such a way that you can only be at rest. You will be like a child who is… Not leaning on your own understanding. Remain in the purity of heart, the faithfulness, the rest… Lest you lose your orientation. You are my servant, and you shall feel completely free, completely happy and fulfilled… Dressed in my glory as when I polish my jewel. The Lord will use you especially. Keep your eyes on the Kingdom that cannot shake… that begins herethat the Lord sends to all those who hold him faithful."

Therefore, please allow me to be the first to extend this invitation for you to be a part of our
Conference as we gather in glorious fellowship before the Lord. Let us come together to receive a greater measure of His power and love for both our personal as well as our corporate purpose in Him. You will be receiving much more information in the days to come. However, I want to provide you with the above information so that you have the opportunity to plan your calendar. This IGM could be the most significant event for your life this year, as well as your business activity.

Dale W. Neill
International President, ICCC

ICCC International - Hjelmarbergets Foretagscenter - SE702 31 Orebro - Sweden
Tel.: +46/19 247 000 Email: international.office@iccc.net Website: www.iccc.net

ICCC President Office - PO Box 4279 - Long Beach - CA 90804 - USA

October 2009 Letter from the President ICCC

Dear Friends,
The purpose of this correspondence is to again remind you that earlier this year ICCC held our bi-annual ICCC Leaders Conference in New York. In our Conference entitled “From Gold Standard to Kingdom Rating, we addressed the issues related to the Global Financial Situation and what God is saying to us as a People. During these days as we were together in one of the leading Financial Capitols of the world, we were before the Lord as Kingdom Leaders positioning ourselves at His feet in Identificational Repentance for our part in the inequities in the Marketplaces of the World and seeking His Mercy and His Purposes.
While we were sharing what God was saying to us as International Leaders, with our National Leaders, as it relates to the present state of the Global Economies, we were also looking forward to what God is placing before us to accomplish as a People called unto Him.
The entire Conference was videotaped and has now been edited for distribution to each of you. We recognize this to be very relevant and important information that needs to be communicated to you directly, as well as through our upcoming ICCC Regional Conferences this fall. Therefore, we will provide the videos to each of you free of charge upon receipt of your request.
I am hereby asking you to please make your request for the videos to the International Office at international.office@iccc.net. We will then make the videos available to you for download, or online as a streaming video. If you do not have a good internet connection, we can as an alternative, send you the DVDs, simply for the cost of the shipping.
Regardless of how you wish to gain access to these very strategic messages, please make it a priority in your life to study the sessions. However, please don’t just listen to what God is saying, determine in your heart to do something with these messages from the Lord. They are so very relevant for these times we are in.
I pray God will prepare your heart and supply all you need to be able to attend the ICCC Conference this
fall in your ICCC Region.

 Dale W. Neill

International President, ICCC

ICCC International - Hjelmarbergets Foretagscenter - SE702 31 Orebro - Sweden
Tel.: +46/19 247 000 Email: international.office@iccc.net Website: www.iccc.net

ICCC President Office - PO Box 4279 - Long Beach - CA 90804 - USA

September 2009 Letter from the President ICCC
Dear Friends,

Greetings to each of you as together we seek to glorify our God and Father. Let us always be mindful we have been predestined by Jesus as sons and daughters by grace, according to God’s good pleasure. Having made known to us the mystery of His will, God has provided wisdom and providence that we may through faith, receive the purchased possessions required to fulfill His purpose.

One of the highest intentions of God for you and I personally, in our world that seems to be blindly groping for indications of authentic love, is for those who we come in contact with in the marketplace to experience the love of God. For many of these people, if they do not see God’s love in us they might not find it anywhere. Jesus quotes Hosea 6:6, as He teaches in Mathew 9:13, that God desires not just empty thought or words or religious rituals, but action that provides real and genuine care and concern for people.

Both in our personal lives and as a people working together in ICCC, we are called by God to transform valleys of trouble and despair into windows of opportunity. Such a transformation is not brought about by perfect people living their lives perfectly by perfect principles. Rather it is you and I, the common person, who are called to bring about this type of transformation to the desperate circumstances and suffering prevalent around us in the world we live in. This is only possible as we learn to appropriate the grace needed to allow the redemptive power of God’s love and forgiveness to flow through us.

By swearing and lying, killing and stealing, committing adultery and breaking all restraint, societies and the leaders in many nations and regions of the world have caused the earth to mourn and become unfruitful. Through rejecting knowledge and disobedience to God’s principles, society contends with God’s spiritual leaders, and the prophets stumble. Yet through you and I, God is awaiting the opportunity to have mercy on those who have not obtained mercy; and say to those who were not His people, you are my people! He is longing to hear them say ‘You are my God!” Hosea 2:23.

Yet so often as Jesus explains in Mark 4:19, those of us who are attempting to follow God’s purpose allow the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires of other things to choke out God’s word to us, and the word becomes unfruitful in us. As has happened many times, again this spring on March 15th in our ICCC UK National Conference, the word of the Lord came to ICCC. The following is just a few sentences from that rhema word:

“I am calling you as an organization, to be highly flexible and extremely strong, a network of people joined eventually all across the world and when I have done so you will be astounded by what I have done.”

“I am going to move you as individuals from where you are into the places I want you to be, allow me to move you, be prepared to move.”

“I have chosen ICCC (who is small) to take my message to the Marketplace. You will speak to those in authority in Government, Business, Nation and Nations to give them guidance on what to do.”

Please allow me to ask you to stay with me here as I provide you with some immediate examples of how God is preparing us to be more relevant in the days ahead.

In October ICCC will be involved for the first time, (by private invitation), at the President’s Conference in Israel. President Shimon Perez is convening world leaders to communicate the role of Israel and the support that will be needed from her friends for the days ahead.

Then in November, only by the providence of God, our ICCC Asian Regional conference will be taking place in Singapore where at the same exact time the APEC CEO Summit will convene. This summit will include speeches from US President Barack Obama, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, President Hu Jintao of China, as well as the Presidents of most of the 21 APEC member nations. This APEC Summit will focus on rebuilding the ‘Global Economy;’ leveraging on the power of sovereign wealth funds and multilateral institutions. More importantly the summit is setting out to “redefine the roles of China and the United States, in the new global economic landscape of the post-crisis world.”

I need to clarify that ICCC is not officially part of this APEC Summit. Nonetheless, we must understand God is convening ICCC and some of our Leadership there at that time for a reason. Do we have the courage to live what we have spoken “take responsibility in the realm of the spirit without reaching for power?” Help us pray we will have the courage and wisdom to stand in intercession for the world’s leaders as once again, in ICCC, we have opportunity to fulfill the prophetic outworking of Psalm chapter two.

There is more to cover as it relates to our upcoming initiatives in 2010 with Israel, with the focus nations of Africa, and the ongoing service to and training of our worldwide membership. However as I must close for now, please know you will soon receive the “ICCC Update” from Grahame Scofield, Director of our Governance Domain, containing much more information.

I pray God’s provision of wisdom and providence, received through faith to fulfill His purpose for you personally. May you embrace His calling on you as part of a people, as together we serve God in His Kingdom, under the banner of ICCC.


 Dale W. Neill
 International President, ICCC

ICCC International - Hjelmarbergets Foretagscenter - SE702 31 Orebro - Sweden
Tel.: +46/19 247 000 Email: international.office@iccc.net Website: www.iccc.net

ICCC President Office - PO Box 4279 - Long Beach - CA 90804 - USA

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