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ICCC Russia|Russian Federation

Малахии (3:17-18): “... И они будут Моими, говорит Господь Саваоф, собственностью Моею в тот день, который Я соделаю, и буду миловать их, как милует человек сына своего, служащего ему. И тогда вы снова увидите различие... между служащим Богу и не служащим

May 2008

Greetings Dear Friends,

I am pleased to send you this exciting report on what took place at our ICCC Business Congress and IGM held in Jerusalem April 28-May 1. ICCC has truly entered into a new dimension of our calling to the nations. As you study this report I appeal to you, to call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in you. Remember God has called us with a Holy Calling, not according to our own works, but according to His own purpose.

ICCC convened 48 nations, forming more than 450 delegates for this Business Congress in Jerusalem. This Congress was the formal initiation of a collaboration between the four African nations of Benin, Burundi, Liberia and Rwanda, as they were introduced to the nation of Israel through ICCC

The purpose and goal of the Business Congress included:
° A desire to enhance the bonds of friendship and a spirit
° of cooperation among the four African nations, and then to connect them with Israel.
° To seek to promote transparency, ethics and values in business as a foundation for
° sustainable development.
° To stimulate job creation, trade expansion, technology improvements and economic
° growth.
° To facilitate contacts between Israel and the International Business Community leading
° to international trade.
° To establish a mechanism for enhanced cooperation and additional trade agreements.

In 1902 Theodor Herzl, the “father of modern Zionism” said, …”Once I have witnessed the redemption of the Jews, my people, I wish also to assist in the redemption of the Africans.” It is in this light, and by way of God’s Kingdom, that ICCC is seeking to serve Israel and these four African focus nations.

Our time together began on Monday evening with a formal welcome of the 48 nations []represented. Following an opening orientation by ICCC Vice President, Gerhard Rauch, I had the privilege to lay the spiritual foundation for the Congress as established in Isaiah 58:6-12. Senior Pastor Wayne Hilsden, of King of Kings Church, led as we celebrated Holy Communion as a people, gathered out of the nations from around the world. The evening culminated with the spiritual launching of the Business Congress, led by Ntiense Ubon-Israel, head of our ICCC prayer Domain.

The Business Congress commenced with an official Opening Ceremony Tuesday morning the 29th with the introduction of each of the four nations and their distinguished delegations. This took place by each delegation formally and individually being introduced, led into the Congress by their flag accompanied by a video presentation. Each National Delegation received a rousing standing ovation, as they were genuinely made to feel welcome. Then each individual delegation was given opportunity to present both the challenges and the opportunities present in their respective nations. Each national presentation was also enhanced by an individual exhibition, which each nation was able to display in the entrance area of the Congress. On Tuesday afternoon, following Israeli Government Protocol, the leader of each of the four national delegations, along with Gunnar and I from ICCC, visited Yad Vashem (the National Israel Holocaust Museum) to present a memorial wreath in a formal ceremony.

This was followed by a private session on ‘Strategic Forward Thinking,’ conducted by ICCC speakers, open only to the distinguished members of the official government delegations from the four African Nations. It was during this ICCC government workshop at the King David Hotel that a most tactical development emerged. By request of a number of government leaders a strategic planning session is now being prepared. God willing this will take place in a secure location, involve only the highest level of government, without protocols, in a spiritual environment, for the purpose of fostering each nations vision and dreams, facilitated by ICCC. Could this be the beginning of the “Council of Nations” that we have been dreaming about? Could this be the beginning of the roll call of nations where the sheep nations begin to reflect the “Commonwealth of The Kingdom?” What an awesome privilege, yet incredible responsibility to facilitate such a development. Pray with us that we do not miss Gods purpose.

The day was completed with a festively decorated Gala Dinner with keynote speeches by Mr. Shraga Brosh addressing ‘Partnering With Israel’ and myself addressing ‘The Way Ahead.’ We invited many Israeli government leaders and local spiritual leaders to join with us as our guests, in addition to the conference delegates, for this night of celebration. The evening culminated with a spectacular piano recital by Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort.

On Wednesday, April 30th a Joint Declaration on Trade and Economic Cooperation was signed between the State of Israel and the four African nations of Benin, Burundi, Liberia and Rwanda, the first such agreement of its kind. The International Christian Chamber of Commerce brokered the process whereby this agreement was entered into. We see this as a sign of God’s leading of ICCC into a new dimension of serving the nations and the nation of Israel. This agreement came through much work and spiritual warfare. We experienced a death to this vision on a couple of occasions, before it actively manifested in the natural realm.

Many have asked why these four African nations were chosen to be the first to enter such a partnership with Israel. These four African nations were chosen for the integrity of their leaders and the efforts demonstrated by the current administrations to establish ethical governance and a strong anti-corruption policy. We have firsthand knowledge of the commitment of the Presidents of each of these nations to Christian values and ethics. Though for varying reasons the Presidents of the four focus nations were unable to be with us this time, we have received their full endorsement of the initiative. I personally have met with each of them and have witnessed their sincere commitment to serve their people.

J. Gunnar Olson, our founder, cited the spiritual reasons for involvement with Israel. “The Bible speaks of Israel as a nation that will become a blessing to all the nations upon the earth. We already see this in many ways as Israel currently provides through technology, so many of the innovations being released into the world today. The Bible makes it clear that through Abraham, ‘all the nations of the earth shall be blessed’ (Genesis 26:4). We believe this has a literal meaning with application today through commerce.”

A special business matchmaking event was conducted during the Business Congress. Over 500 individually pre-organized business meetings were carried out. These meetings were arranged in cooperation with our local partners, the Manufacturers Association and the Israel Export Institute for International Cooperation, to match Israeli business men and women with ICCC business representatives from the 48 nations, including the four African focus nations, in an effort to stimulate commerce and open new markets to Israel.

The Business Congress was reported in every major Israeli newspaper and business publication each day of the Congress. The signing Ceremony was also reported on Israeli TV. ICCC truly has now been thrust into the public arena.

A process for the implementation of the ‘Signed Agreements’ has now begun through the four African governments, Israel, and the network of ICCC/IGTC. The next step within each nation includes the formation of a ‘Council of Cooperation’ to take the projects within each individual nation forward. This council of cooperation will be made up of 2 representatives from each nation, 2 representatives from ICCC and representative input from Israel, under the jurisdiction
of the ICCC Global Trade Center. You will be learning much more about this in the future.

In the ICCC IGM following the Congress, elections were held for the ICCC Directors for this new season before us. Two members of ICCC Leadership, Anton Hemantha and Jan Sturesson, stepped down from the International Board. One new member Nazaire Kibuti was elected to the Board. Nazaire is from Burundi and has been a great blessing to ICCC as he has played a key role in connecting with the leaders of two of the African nations—Burundi and Rwanda.

Let us thank both Anton and Jan for their tremendous contribution to the ICCC Leadership and its initiatives. Through ICCC God has given each of them new assignments that will assist us in fulfilling our mission to serve Israel in the future.

During the last session of the Member’s Meeting, our founder, J. Gunnar Olson outlined the “Way Forward” for the ICCC membership. It is important that our members here this message. A complete set of DVD’s for the Congress and the IGM is available through the ICCC Office in Sweden.

Each of the ICCC members in attendance was asked to express their capabilities through a “Competence Offering.” All ICCC members will be provided the opportunity to participate in this competence offering in the very near future. This ‘Competence Form’ will be posted on the ICCC website and every member should now visit this site soon to complete the form. Let me hereby urge you to do this. Though you may not have been able to come to the Business Congress, it is vital that our entire membership get involved in serving these nations. Please visit www.iccc.net to learn more. Also, I would like to sincerely encourage you to order the complete set of DVDs to allow you to experience the dynamic of the sessions. It has been stated that one cannot capture by words the depth and the reality that was created by God through the event.

In closing I want to encourage all our ICCC National Leaders in the nations to share this letter with your members. Please share this message without additional input that could affect other nations. As we enter this new season, it is important that we move with one voice in unity of purpose and mission. We want our partner nations to know that we operate with sensitivity and have an understanding of what ICCC Leadership might mean to their nation. We must not misrepresent any of our activities. It is important we never overstate our role; Rather we must simply serve the nations. This is not about uplifting ICCC; it is about uplifting God’s Great Kingdom through our service to Israel and the many other nations God is specifically calling us to serve. Thank you for being sensitive to this area of communication.

We have crossed the “Threshold of Our Destiny” and have now “Entered the New Era.” May we in unity proceed in the calling God has placed upon ICCC. As a Builder please allow me to say; The foundation has now been laid. Our work is cut out and before us. We must now become the instruments of fulfillment for Gods purpose to these four Focus Nations and beyond.


Dale W. Neill
International President, ICCC

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