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ICCC Russia|Russian Federation

Малахии (3:17-18): “... И они будут Моими, говорит Господь Саваоф, собственностью Моею в тот день, который Я соделаю, и буду миловать их, как милует человек сына своего, служащего ему. И тогда вы снова увидите различие... между служащим Богу и не служащим

What we Believe In:

* One God, maker of all things and in the unity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.

* The Deity of Jesus Christ.
His virgin birth.
His vicarious and atoning death.
His resurrection.
His rightful authority.
His imminent return.

* The Bible in its entirety, and the infallible rule of faith and conduct.

* The regenerative work of the Holy Spirit leading to the healing of the whole man.

What about ethics?

During the initial period some principles have been crystallised. They could be expressed as: Excellence, Stewardship and Righteousness. It is evident that old concepts relating to work and professional life, leadership and the economy are being filled with new and fresh biblical revelation.

"It is just like a walk into the unknown, full of new discoveries." Gunnar talks about a walk of faith in obedience to the Word of God without losing sight of professional excellence. "The experience of this walk is as dramatic as it must have been for those in slavery in ancient times. They were to walk out of slavery into a new Land. We find that the hardest part of this walk is to get the ‘slavery mentality’ out of us. But also to discover that the freedom is real, not just religious jargon."

From a biblical perspective there are no real ethical standards unless they demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit resulting from our walk in obedience to God’s Word. "This is key, unless we are satisfied with our own good works, which amounts to nothing before the Lord" Gunnar responds. But there is a great need for in-depth teaching in this area and today ICCC can offer a full programme of seminars inspiring executives and others to develop their companies with a totally new understanding from the Word of God, leading to the glorious experience of the presence of God manifest in the Marketplace. There are also many national and international conferences organised for instruction, edification and inspiration within the ICCC.

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