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Lindsey Little |United States

Coming back to the states! Have so much to share!

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Hello Everyone, I am on assignment with YWAM (Youth With a MIssion) leading a missionary team into several countries summer. We are leaving for Thailand today! I would love your prayers |más

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A litle bit about me

I am an imperfect vessel seeking a perfect God, hoping that by loving and serving people I can make a difference in this world. I believe that He has given every single person on this earth a gift.....maybe more, and we are given the responsibility to use those gifts. If we do, we are blessed with the joy of living in our full potential and doing what we love every day.

You see, I don't think we are made just to survive this life, but to live it to the fullest! We are only able to if we do not settle for less than what He has for us.....and if we do not allow things like fear to control us. As I've gotten older, I feel so blessed to have discovered these things that I love and to be able to make a living....and an impact by doing them to my best ability. I certainly owe all the credit where credit is due, to my beautiful Savior. So....here I am, hoping to share a little bit of that love with you.


One of my passions is to travel and speak about the journey I have been on. I have many inspirational stories of faith in action, funny happenings, divine appointments....and evidence of God's great love and purpose for each and every one of us!

I like to reveal the BIGGER PICTURE of it all and motivate others to live a sold out crazy adventurous life for HIM! I'm available to come and speak upon request to any group for travel expenses paid and a love offering.


I am a traveling journalist and columnist for several magazines. Please take a look at my blog section as it contains some of the stories from my global travels.


I shoot mostly documentary style when traveling, capturing the stories of lives all over the world... especially victims of injustice. It's my job to serve them, love them, listen to them... and tell the everyone else how they can pray/help them. When i'm in the states (which isn't that often anymore), i'm shooting weddings, bands, headshots, events... etc. I've also started a note card company called "free to live" which helps support a human-trafficking non-profit as well as my mission endeavors.

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No Time

No Time

There never seems like quite enough time in the day to get done what you want to do, let alone what is pressing and NEEDS to get | más

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