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Nelly Garo


Praise LORD! He keeps us safe. He will become like a tree planted by rivers of waters.(Jeremiah 17.8)

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God save the souls of those 32 young people burned in a club in Bucharest on October 30th night! The entire town was scared of the calamity. Other 146 were injured, and 90 of them are |más

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Aug 15, 2017

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Mary, the Holy Virgin was conceived of  barren and sterile parents, but their heart was clean.

She became a mother, being a virgin, and giving birth to God,

her virginity remained unblemished.

Her grave  reached  to the sky, up like Jacob on his ladder.


She is the handmaid of the Lord. It was said long ago:”

To serve God

means also to reign with God. Being a servant of God, she is seen as

the empress of the whole creation, that seen and unseen.”

She was a daughter to God Father and to the Holy Spirit – a bride without

wedding, a forever virgin.


In her teens, she was living in the Holy of Holies and said to the priests:

“I promised my God to keep me virgin forever and it is impossible to

accompany with a mortal man. She was, thus, the house of the Holy

Spirit and the Word became flesh.

She sat at her Son right, the heavenly hosts subdued her as a queen

of heaven and earth.


 She is strong on the ground,  trampled down the power of hell.

Victories are being come up, and enemies are being fallen to down.

She was tying his Son with diapers on earth, is tying Him with prayers in the

heaven, begging forgiveness for the sins of mortals.


She helps us against enemies, seen and unseen.

The church called the Mother of God:”Teller Heaven” and

“Heaven Door”.

Gregory in Nicomedia said:” With you we hope to enter the Kingdom

of Heaven, with you is our Salvation and joy, because the human

race, banished from heaven, returned to Eden with your help.”