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patrick alapan


Be thankful to God for the blessing of all gifts. Love one another. Never give up. God is on our side. Prayer and fast often. Everyday is a precious gifts from God.

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Sometimes when we pray to God our prayers are answered, but often unanswered, May be it is because of God's better plan for us. So, I pray for better understandings and acceptance of |más

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pat84 se unió a la oración In Jesus' name de vava

pat84 se unió a la oración In Jesus' name de vava

pat84 se unió a la oración In Jesus' name de vava


May living God renew our spirit...

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Thank you for the invitation-God bless you

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pat84 se unió a la oración A sinner's prayer de vava

pat84 agregó una nueva galeria de fotos "Gift of tongues"

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