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patrick alapan


Be thankful to God for the blessing of all gifts. Love one another. Never give up. God is on our side. Prayer and fast often. Everyday is a precious gifts from God.

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Sometimes when we pray to God our prayers are answered, but often unanswered, May be it is because of God's better plan for us. So, I pray for better understandings and acceptance of |más

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PRAYERS FOR THE SICKS. Jun 06, 2012 - May 31, 2013

+Lord Jesus, I want to offer my small prayers for Bro. Joseph Lopez to be fully recovered from paralyzed, sickness and sufferings he has been gone though, Enable him to walk again in faith by physically and spiritually though God's grace. And i prayer for all the patients (Joseph, Petrus, Selladurai, Jesu, Dr. Sivasundram) i have visited and prayer for them today in hospital. May though your miraculous and healing powers, everyone glorify your holy name. I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is moving through all the hearts of believers even now. May all this peoples experience miracles and healing today by your most powerful and holy name forever. I thank you Lord Jesus Christ because you have bless me and others to pray for the sicks and lonely. Amen+