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Leonard Paxton

Pastor Len|United States

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Reaching for Destiny

Aug 03, 2015

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Elisha never could have reached his prophetic destiny without Elijah.. There is a great need right now for young champions to be mentored by those who have been mentored...This is Gods plan to release you into your future.. You just cant get there by yourself.. There is no such thing as entitlement in the Body of Christ... Elisha received his double portion but Only after he served Elijah... Lets go out there and let God use us... Don't waste your life.. Do it Gods way!!!


A great separation is coming..... Those who want to go to church once a week, utilize convenience driven commitment, pursue their own desires and goals, and just have good 'religion'.. will stand in stark contrast to the real remnant of believers who purpose to inconvenience themselves in pursuit of His plan and desires and goals, will follow the presence of God and give heed to the prophets, create times to gather together to bask in the Glory, and have reaching lost souls in their focus while serving in anothers vision.. a shaking, a separation, and a shifting are on the horizon big time........