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Firm in the doctrines of the holy scriptures, the Oasis of the Lord departs from church traditions that constantly push members for financial contributions. And yet, God has prospered the people of this house and has blessed this church.

Twenty years ago, Mike and Rachel Abel started this work in faith, believing God. Twenty years later in 2013, we continue in greater faith still believing God.

It is the Father who draws people to Himself, and to particular churches (John 6:44) The Oasis of the Lord is spiritual home to a people who have advanced beyond their highest expectations.

As Founding Pastors, we are honoured that God chose us to start this work for Him. It is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. 

Mike and Rachel Abel

Founding Pastors


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Oasis of the Lord

Listen to our latest hit audio talk, Creativity for this christian generation. Creativity is our God-given ability that we must rediscover and use in our daily lives.

Oasis of the Lord

God knows the frustrations you can’t talk about. He hears your sighs. Believe He is holding you to makes you stronger to cope - while He changes the situation.~Mike Abel

Oasis of the Lord

Life alternates between seasons and passes through diverse terrain. In life’s journey, even change is unpredictable. Your only constant companion will be God.~Mike Abel

Oasis of the Lord

If you’re spinning wheels, going nowhere special, do yourself a favour, and take a serious look at what you must change in the way you think and feel and behave. ~Mike Abel

Oasis of the Lord

You’re not crushed because behind the scenes God sorts out the serious aspects of your challenges. Then He gives you the grace to cope with what’s left.~Mike Abel

Oasis of the Lord

Never think that you’re a lesser person because you have challenges. God expects you to view challenges as the very things that confirm there’s greatness in you. ~Mike Abel



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Is God your top priority?

Has God fallen to the bottom of the list of your priorities in life? There Are three top priorities in life (Genesis 26:24-25) God, your family and your income - or making a living.  God your top priority, (Psalm 84:11 page 619). Success, | más

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