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SICO Newsletter third edition August 2011

Aug 23, 2011

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Newsletter, third edition
Nieuwegein, August 2011

Welcome to SICO Ministries
Pastor Sunday & Petra Eromosele welcomes you to our third edition of our newsletter.
By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ there are a lot of testimonies which has been done by our Lord Jesus Christ. We bless the name of our Lord. We are also happy to announce that on Saturday the 3(Th) of September 2011 Evangelist Mrs Petra Eromosele will be ordained as Pastor. You are specially invited to this programme in combination with prayers for the nation and the city of Utrecht in conjunction with other Ministry leaders. The time from 15.00 - 18.00 hrs. The Lord is faithful indeed.
Pastor Sunday Eromosele

Night vigil/prayer meeting
We are happy to announce that we´ve got permission from the school to organize Night vigil every first Friday of the month. Friday the 5(Th) of August 2011, we held our second Night vigil, time from 23.00 PM till 04.00 AM. The Holy Spirit came really down and did great things in the lives of our members. The Lord is good all the time. Jukes were broken in Jesus name.
Our third Night vigil is going to be a Prayer Meeting, because of the Pastoral Ordination Ceremony the next day. Date 2(Nd) of September, Time
: 19.00 PM - 21.00 PM.
Sister Petra Eromosele

Baptism Service
On last Saturday the 16(Th) of July 2011, three of our SICO members were baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in Aqua Centre “Den Hommel” at the city of Utrecht.
The names of the sisters are:
sister Shylmana With, sister Noraly Burkit and Sister Magaidy Pryor Ariën. We give God the praise. It was the first time in SICO history that we baptise people. By the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ more will follow. The next day during our Sunday Service, Pastor Sunday handed out their Baptism Certificate.
It was really wonderful.
Congratulations to our beloved sisters in the Lord. Welcome in the Kingdom of God.
Sister Petra Eromosele

We are happy to announce that SICO Ministries is now live on cross.tv. We have our Live Channel called `SICO Live Channel`. You can watch our programmes live through our website www.sicominstries.org or through www.cross.tv. Every week our services will be held live on the internet. PRAISE THE LORD! The church is marching forward in Jesus mighty name! Sister Petra

Website Sunday International Christian Outreach (SICO)
Changes have been made in our website, please check www.sicoministries.org. We will update the website as much as possible.
Pastor Sunday

Children Ministry
If you have a big heart for children and you would like to help the children in their children class, please contact Pastor Sunday via
e-mail: contactsico@gmail.com or mobile number 06-12151904.
Sister Petra

Women Ministry
Due to a lot of activities that are before us, Pastor Sunday decided to postpone the women programme till the ending of the year 2011 by the Grace of God. In due time we will let you know more about it.
Sister Petra

Youth Ministry
Pastor Sunday want to concentrate on the youth. Very soon we will plan a programme for them. The ones that are involved have already discussed with pastor about this, please check our mail, newsletter and so on, and keep informed. God bless you!
Sister Petra

Prayer request
If you have any prayer request, please write it down and put it in an envelope. Every Sunday service we are going to pray for it as collective prayers. Let us do this in believe and the Lord will hear our cry and answer them by fire.
Sister Petra

Editorial Office
If you have any story to tell please contact us, so that we can place your story in the next edition of this newsletter. Please, send your copies before the last week of November 2011. E-mail: contactsico@gmail.com.
Sister Petra

Contact us
Sunday International Christian
Outreach (SICO)
Prot. Chr.Basisschool 'op Dreef”
Jeanne D’Arcdreef 1
3561 SB  Utrecht
The Netherlands


+31 (0)30 8894 951
+31 (0)6 1215 904




Take bus 1/8/10 from CS Utrecht
Bus-Stop: Berezinadreef or Donaudreef
Train station: Overvecht (± 7 mins. walk to the school)

Registered Number
Chamber of Commerce


ING Bank

Sunday International Christian Outreach at Nieuwegein

Donation or Partnership
If you want to support the ministry with your gift or to be a partner to finance us, you are welcome. Our church account is stated above or via our website:

Weekly activities:
Sundays                   11:00 - 13:00HRS    Worship Service

2ND & Last Fridays 19:00 - 21:00HRS  Bible Study & Prayer Service

Last Saturdays          18:00 - 20:30HRS  Live Worship

1ST & 3RD Fridays 18:00 - 20:00HRS  Evangalism

1ST & 32RD              11:00 - 13:00HRS Evangalism

1ST Friday                23:00 - 04:00HRS Night vigil

1ST Sunday               11:00 - 13:30HRS Holy Communion

Happy Birthday to:
May 2011:
13(Th) sister Jenny Dijksman
16(Th) sister Mildred Landveld
31(St) Mark Landveld
June 2011:
1(St) sister Joyce (Joanna mother)
19(Th) sister Lusilka Daniel
23(Th) br. Martin Dijksman
27(Th) Daniel Eromosele
July 2011:
12(Th) sister Rinia Landveld
19(Th) br. Huib van Vliet
22(Nd) sister Eartha Grens

May the Lord add more years in happiness and good health to your lives in Jesus name.
If your birthday is not yet mentioned in the list, please sent an e-mail to contactsico@gmail.com

God bless!

Pastor Sunday & sister Petra