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Instructions for the Language admin

Mar 07, 2011

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Instructions for the Translation Tool on admin.cross.tv called “Language admin”.

Visit http://admin.cross.tv and log in with the following data:


User: *Insert Language Name*

PW: *Insert Language PW*


On the left side you will find a menu called “language admin”. If you click on it, you will be directed to cross.tv’s translation tool. At the top of the page you'll see 3 drop-down menus: the source language (99% cases in English), the category, the target language (meaning: the language you translate to) and the button “Update”.


If you click on the second drop-down menu, you’ll see many other categories. The entire text content of cross.tv is stored in those categories, which makes it easy for you to find the text you are searching for. For you to know which categories have already been translated and which ones have not been translated, the red color will mark those which have NOT been translated. Meaning, if you click on the drop down menu and you discover some red colored categories, this signifies there is text to translate within this category. Also, within a category, text that needs to be translated is also marked in red font


The source language always appears to the right of or above an empty space. Write the translation into the empty space and when you are finished hit the “Update” button. It is important to hit the “Update” button more frequently in order not to lose finished translations due to a breakdown of your Internet connection. Please update every 5 minutes so you won’t lose much work if this happens.


If you need to search for a word or phrase within the language admin, you just need to enter the word into the search field right next to the button “Update Page“. If you want to search not only within one category, but within the entire language admin click the 
“All“ check box right next to the search entry field. The search result will show the category where the text is located that you are searching for.


Important Notes:



− Keep it short: The translation has to be as close to the length of the English version as possible. It must fit the buttons on the page and should not interfere with the design; therefore, lengthy parts can be difficult.
Always keep cross.tv open and check the length and relevance of your translation on the live site. Your saved changes in the language admin usually show up within 15 minutes on the live site. If not – empty your browser’s cache.


− If you are not sure how to translate some of the text, you can always have a look at Facebook, Orkut or other Social Networks and see how they have translated it, since there are similar texts.


− If you find brackets like these “[[ ]]” in the English text, please put them into the translation at the corresponding place too. You MUST NOT translate what is written inside the brackets, just copy and paste the brackets including the English content into your target language.


− The same with all other characters you will find in the English original. You need to copy them into your language as well! Characters like: <b>source language</b>


For Example:


English: There are [[number1][ videos, that match your search parameters.

on the website: There are 15 videos, that match your search parameters.


German: [[number1]] Videos entsprechen deinen Suchbegriffen.

on the website: 15 Videos entsprechen deinen Suchbegriffen.


Another Example: Please translate words within html codes:


English: <b>source language</b>

German: <b>your language</b>


English: <b>english text</b>

German: <b>deutscher text</b>


English: <i>FOR SITE OWNERS</i>



Just make sure that everything is translated correctly, and in case you do not know what is meant, please contact your global manger. Feel free to always ask if you have any questions. We love serving you and helping you make the most out of your contribution to cross.tv.