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Help me Father And lead me to Your pastures of repose, Where everlasting pure water flows, Be my Light to show me the Way; With You by your side will I walk; With You illuminating me |más

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Holy Spirit, Giver of Life, Holy Spirit, Thrice Holy, grant me that I too may grow in love to know God and obtain His Kingdom. Grant me the Spirit of Piety so that my spirit grows in the principles of the Saints, and that my thoughts turn into Your Thoughts, my acts into Your Acts which are all pure and divine.

 Holy Spirit of Piety, Friend of God, teach me to reach perfection and control over every part of myself which is so evil, so that I may obtain Eternal Life.

Spirit of Piety, ever so beautifully dressed, come to me and dress my spirit in purity that I too may be pleasing in God's Eyes. Dress my soul with a living Spirit to serve the Holy Trinity with honor and grace.

 Let me die to my principles, let me die to my partiality, my tepidity, my lethargy and my ambitions; come and revive me into Your Purity. Supplier of the fruit of the Tree of Life, Eternal Joy, grant me Your Spirit too to be kin to the Holy Trinity and an heir to Your Kingdom.

 Let my tongue taste what is most pure in the Light of God thrice Holy and consume the One who said: "I am the Bread of Life." Holy Spirit of Life, thrice Holy, grant my spirit to attain perfection in the Science of the Spirit of Piety; to learn how to observe with fear what is real Flesh and real Food, what is real Blood and real Drink so that I may live in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit, Trinitarian but One, in the unity of essence.

Make my soul work for Your intentions which are holy and redemptive, most pleasing in Your Eyes by entering my soul Your Spirit of Piety will turn me into a devout and fervent servant.

Starlight of my soul, pass on to me the piety of your Saints to keep Your Laws holy and graciously show Yourself to my wretched soul to remind me that incorruptibility will bring me near the Trinitarian God. Most Powerful and Most Holy, hence nothing impure will be able to find its way in me. Amen.



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