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Jesus vicotry Panecostal Ministry|Pakistan

i have started monthly healing crusades in whole Pakistan. Many people are biptized through this ministry. Almost 1174 people are biptized & many people received the Holy spirit. Almost 25% people are doing evangelism with different churches.

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Lord I thank you for yet another day that I bestowed me to draw nearer to thee! I ask you to bless all peoples and nations, that your word and reach more lives than your holy spirit to make |más

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Lahore, Pakistan (Punjab)


Founder & Chairman
Pastor Ayub Khawar
Jesus Victory Pentecostal Ministries of Pakistan
105, Hamza Town 19-KM, Ferozpur Road, Lahore.
Married & have three children Maria,David & Paul. And a beautiful wife Shehnaz.
I'm doing crusades, conferences, meetings in all over the Pakistan

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About Ayoub Khawar is the director of Jesus Victory Pentecostal Ministries which organizes mass gospel campaigns in eastern Pakistan. http://pastorayoubkhawar.weebly.com/ Mission Ayoub is the director of Jesus Victory Pentecostal Ministries which organizes gospel campaigns, conferences and meetings throughout eastern Pakistan. When he conducts gospel campaigns, Ayoub partners with other evangelists, and during the events, thousands receive Jesus while many are healed from blindness, deafness, lameness and other problems. If you wish to sponsor a campaign in Pakistan, Ayoub is available to help coordinate your event. Ayoub regularly visits countries like Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Ayoub lives in Lahore, Pakistan with his wife Shehnaz and their three children: Maria, David and Paul.


Alleluia glory to God in the Highest forever and ever. Amen

Beatriz Badillo

Dios le Siga Bendiciendo pastor Jesús Como están en pakistaní después del terremoto?

Moisés Barbosa

Shalom! God is so powerful.

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