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 karoline Isolde pelzl


I love nature - God is the perfect creator!

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Lord,  thank you for guiding and protecting me, for supporting my endeavours and for bringing me back on the right way when I get lost. So many good things happened  in my life by |más

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Lord, you are the master.... Feb 09, 2014 4 Comentarios

Lord, I thank you, for how you care for me, you guide me, you teach me, you comfort me, you open my eyes, you sharpen my ears, you lighten my darkness, you erase my doubts, you make me happy, and teach me love. Lord, I thank you, for how  you make me understand, this life as a gift, as a chance, to live your love, to feel your love, to see your love, in your creation. Lord,  you are the master of beauty, of perfection, a painter, a carpenter, a sculptor, a gardener, and so much more. But we -  in greed and arrogance, turn beauty into ugliness, kill our planet, and destroy the lives you gave in love. Lord, I pray for those,  who do not understand, please let your light  enter their souls, and let your love awake them from this nightmare, they have chosen to live in. I pray for those, who never get enough, and yet are poorer than the poorest. I pray for those,  with concrete hearts, and darkened minds, to open up to you. I pray for those, who seek, so that   they find, and see you, and Lord, I pray: stay close to me, and never take away your light of love, that guides me  to the end of times...