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Vida Abundante y Prospera|Argentina

Dios te dice que eres Su Hijo Bendecido y Eres Rama Fructífera! Escrito Está, Hecho Está!

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There is Hope…

There is Hope...
Te greeting, wishing you're right.
I am writing to tell you that despite the difficult times we are living in our society: There is Hope. Although light in the tunnel did not show up, you should know that there is hope.
I want to encourage you to think and believe, that despite the illness, interpersonal problems and lack of money, there is a solution. There are healths for your illness. Love and forgiveness for those who reject you, and hate that you have hurt. There release of the blame of the past. There is prosperity in all areas of your life. "Anyone who thinks everything is possible." I want you to know that you can count on me. I want to help you achieve the impossible is in your life.
I encourage you to stay on his arms and throwing up. What are you going to recover what you lost? Are you going to sign what you have? And your dreams and projects what are you going to achieve. Remember: Not alone. If you're wrong, you're gonna be fine. If you're either going to be better and better if you're going to be excellent. All your life, your love and those things begin to change under the blessing of God. Finish the year more than blessed.
From the High
Your Friend Unconditional
Apostle, Prophet and Teacher
Life Church abundant and Prosper
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Twelve Characteristics of a Father Anointed

Twelve Characteristics of a Father Anointed

Father who walks with God, Enoch. "And Enoch walked with God ..." Genesis 5.21-24
Enoch represents the father who has and maintains a communion with God in a simple, profound and daily. The communion for Enoch is as natural as air. Being with God, to walk alongside EL, is a fundamental part of our lives. We must take the example of Enoch and begin to walk with God, not by necessity or because of our problems, but walk with God through love, because we like to do it.
Father preserving his family in the midst of adversity, Noah. "It happened that after forty days Noah opened the window of the ark ..." Genesis 6.6
Sometimes the floods come into our lives and everything seems to sink and tends to disappear, sometimes because many of the problems we lose sight of the blessings of God and we are the erases course towards the top. When problems we suffer, our family is suffering, suffering that we love and on many occasions to drag them to capsize along with us. Noah, is the patriarch who found grace in the eyes of God and the grace that allowed her entire family was saved from the flood. In the same way, God wants us to have that ability to preserve our family in the midst of storms that we play live. And in the end, when he comes and make the bonanza, enjoy this time with the family again.
Father who put God first, Abraham. "It takes you now son, your only, Isaac, whom you love, and there Offer in Holocaust ..." Genesis 22.2
There are many blessings that God gives us, our heavenly Father and with the passage of time these blessings and love which comes from the blessing that gives us the Father, and almost without realizing it move in the first place to God. Abraham must learn to always put God first in every time and everywhere. Often not understand why, but we know that our unconditional obedience and our faith will be greatly rewarded.
Father of blessing, Jacob, "And Jacob called his sons and said: Juntao, and you declare what he has to happen in the days ahead." Genesis 49.1
Jacob, before his death was a blessing for each of their children. Each of those words of blessing, given on his deathbed was fulfilled in the lives of their children. Each parent has a word of blessing for their children. When we give that word activating the blessing that will bring life and blessings in our children's future.
The Father who responded to the vision, Moses. "I will go now and I'll watch this great vision ..." Exodus 3.3.2
Moses had been reached to settle in the desert, married, with children and a thriving job, his company owned livestock. But however, when he saw the burning bush understood that it was a vision that came from God and responded to the vision and lived to carry it out. God wants us to give a sense of vision and direction to our lives. There is a divine purpose to be manifest in our lives, let us be the father capable of responding to the heavenly vision, as did Moses.
Father creative bezaleel. "And he has filled with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, intelligence, science and art in everything, to project designs ..." Exodus 35.31-32
In the desert God wants us to anoint its creative power to give us new ideas and make our way to prosper the land flowing with milk and honey. Let us be the parent who claims the anointing of creativity to your life.
Father teacher, Aboliab. "And it has put in his heart that can teach ..." Exodus 35.34
Search and receives the anointing of the teacher. Let us be teachers to those around us. Our experience with God, our life experience should be taught to others. First to the family and then the rest of the men. Reclaim, the day the anointing of the teacher, the anointing to teach others a better way.
Father involved, Jetro. "Not what you do ..." Exodus 18.17
In time of individualism, "no metas2 you," everyone makes their own, "we are called to be parents involved and give wise counsel to those we love. Our words prudent, given timely bring blessing and peace.
Father reproductive, Gideon. "And Gideon had seventy children ..." Judges 8:30
Gideon came to engender seventy children, this is a very special Bible. Like Gideon have been anointed and blessed to be a man reproduction in all areas of our lives. Activate the anointing of productivity and begin to multiply at all.
Father more than blessed, Job. "And increased to double all the things that were of Job ... Job 42.10
Job, after having prayed for his friends, received double all the things he had lost. Job was a father more than blessed. We have the anointing of Job and God will give us their loyalty in double all the things we lost, because we are more than blessed father.
The father intercessor, Job. "And get up tomorrow and offered burnt offerings according to the number of their children ..." Job 1.5
The noble task of Job, pray for their children every day, ask forgiveness for their children. As parents we have to take this rich activity to intercede for our children. Start now and continue through the rest of the day we left on earth.
The loving father, Jehovah God. "And God so loved the world ..." John 3.16
God, God is our loving Father who gave his only Son for each of us, so we have forgiveness of our sins and eternal life. A god, our Father, we thank you for making her children through faith in Jesus Christ.

He received the anointing of the Twelve Characteristics of a Father anointed. God bless you on this day.

From the High
Your Friend Unconditional
Apostle, Prophet and Teacher
Abundant Life Church and Prospera

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Vida Abundante y Prospera

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