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Stephan Studer


Freund Franziskus


 St. Philomena


Sister Maria Luisa di Gesù and other credible witnesses

claimed to have learned of the life of Philomena

through private revelations. Her report was further

embellished by Father Francesco de Lucia (1772 –

1847). Because of these numerous miracles Pope

Gregory IX granted her veneration in 1834 and

introduced her Memorial Day in 1837. Pope Pius, who

attributed his recovery from seizures to Philomena,

awarded her the honorary title of “Protector of the


According to the biography, written by Father de Lucia,

Philomena’s father was a Greek king who had

converted to Christianity. Emperor Diocletian, who

died in 313, wanted to marry Philomena, an apparently

attractive young woman, 13 years of age. She refused

because she had dedicated herself as a virgin to the

spouse Christ. The Emperor had her whipped, shot at

with arrows and thrown into the Tiber River with an

anchor round her neck but she was miraculously saved

again and again until she was eventually beheaded.

Philomena told Sister Maria Luisa: “As I was thrown

into the Tiber River and was certain of death, I

embraced my anchor as Jesus had embraced his Cross

but because my spouse wanted me to sacrifice not a

single life but a thousand; I was saved from death in the

Tiber River. Jesus has given me as much glory, as if I

had actually sacrificed a thousand lives.”

Even if such private revelations cannot be understood

as actual historical accounts, as the ancient legends of

saints can be, they nonetheless carry a profound

message. Behind the reports of the martyrdom of

St. Philomena there are several martyrs such as Agnes,

Cecilia, Agatha and Lucy who devoted themselves with

undivided virginal love to the divine spouse and to

withstand any earthly temptations and prove their

loyalty even under extenuating circumstances. These

are the wise virgins that approach the divine spouse

with bright lamps in the wedding hall. Amongst

thousands of martyrs of the Third Century, Philomena

helped Christianity’s breakthrough, which occurred

immediately after the death of Diocletian under his

successor Constantine around 313, with her own blood.

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of new Christians”

(Tertullian). In today’s morally degenerate society we

need witnesses of pure, holy love as Philomena and

many others were. – Did Philomena actually live? You

can feel it through God’s grace by stepping into contact

with her. They say God does not deny her any holy

wishes. St. Philomena, please pray for us.





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Brother Klaus


Dear Nemocomp,welcom on my Crosstv page... My favourite Bibleverses are John. 3:16, Acts 10:38 and 1.Tomothy 2:5. The life with Jesus Christ is a joyfull life! His sacrifice was complete, to Him all the glory...




danke und gruesse aus siebenburgen GOTTES SEGEN!!!!

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