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Rev. Asif Feroze.is the Founder & Chairman of “Word of life Ministries of Pakistan”. It is non-political and non-profitable registed with the Government of Pakistan under Socities Act 1860. Its main office is in Lahore.He started his ministry in Henry colony,near old airportof Lahore,it was named a missionary,Fr. Henry, who aquire this land for accomodating christians regardless of denomination, Gulberg III Lahore.
The land was alloted free and funds were provided to construct their houses. It is an area where almost 3000 Christians inhabitants. He expanded his services from Henry Colony to outer villages of Lahore and set up his Church 13 miles away from the main city of Lahore.
where majority of people were non-christians, completely illiterate, they were nominal Christians and had no base of their faith in Christ,and were totally unaware of the word of Salvation. They were so called christian.Pastor Asif Feroze had a vision to work for unreached people.He started his ministry on self support basis, 26 years age. During is service he received affliction inspite of numerous financial as well as social hardships.He also faced severed oppostion time to time from non-christian and was threatened to stop his preaching the Word of God.
Pastor Asif is a believer of Panticastal belief.He administers water baptism and all rites and rituals mentioned in the Word of God (King James Version)He wanted to setup a church building in above mentioned village but received opposition from non-christians. At last he succeeded in acquiring a piece of land with a condition that he would restrict his religious preaching to christians only.It took years to complete this building because it was purly constucted with the help of weak offerings of the poor congrigation. Pastor Asif Feroze also sought help from his friends and relatives in this matter.The chruch building still remains incomplete and needs some part of it to be completed.


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