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Haitian Christian Television Network|United States

The Home of the Haitian Christian Community. We gather Haitians around the world in one place to worship the Lord and let the whole world knows about our values and talents : http://www.haitianchristiantv.net

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Lowell, United States (Massachusetts)


3 River Place
Lowell, MA 01852

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We are the home of the Haitian Christian Community around the World streaming LIVE worship services, revivals, concert, intervirews etc.. We travel in around the US, Canada, Haiti, Domican Republic etc.. to stream live worship services. We are present in all major christian festivals and promote all the haitian christian musicians and singers.We gather the community in our social network and we keep them informed with all the news regardding the haitian christian community. We have our own video tube and 3 different channels to educate, entertain and help people grow spiritually.

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