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Chukwuoma Samuel Ebere

Youth and Young|Nigeria

EURASIA INSTITUTE 2011 ended today. Thank God for the opportunity. Will be on my way back to Nigeria on 20th June, Monday.

The values upheld by the youth of the day are the definition of the future.
The earlier adults realize that all their labours in the present are an investment whose profit or loss is to be managed in the future by the people who are young today, the better. In the same way, what will happen in the Church of the next generation depends on what is bequeathed to the youths of today. We live in a time when it seems the young people in our Churches have been left to themselves, to find their own way while all concentration is given to making millionaires out of people, majority who are supposed to give enough time to mentoring the future in our hands today, YOUTHS.
When people who are involved in ministry, mentoring or equipping of young people realize the weight of their calling then, I believe, they will do things differently. Building young people of today with godly values will bring about greater investment of every resource possible to advancing the kingdom of God in the future. History shows that many people gave more than we can imagine, in physical, spiritual and financial resources to keeping the torch of the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alive. Looking at what is happening today we need God’s intervention; if not there is danger of seeing a depleted army of the gospel in the years to come. This is because many of the youths in our Churches are no longer inflamed with holy anger against sin, prayer fire, zeal and passion for souls. What we have is some wonderful youth, full of zest and passion but most of which is misdirected. Who will put his or her life down once again to connect with the flow of God’s holy fire for imparting this army that is weighed down with the World and the lust for her glories?
It’s time for the women and men of God, called to ministry among the youths of our time, to wake up and fight. Many of the sheep are being led to the slaughter. Some in whose hands the Lord entrusted the lives of our young brothers and sisters have turned around to make them slaves, using them to build their empires. Arise and let a new generation of  ‘Gideons’, ‘Joshuas’ and ‘Davids’, ‘Pauls’ and ‘Peters’ be raised for Christ and His kingdom. The way to this is through building positive relationships with young people. It is generally said that, starting, developing and sustaining positive relationship with a young person or any other person for that matter, is the key to gaining enough influence for contributing to who and what the person becomes in the future. Pulpit is not the place for engaging people, especially the young people, as mentors.   
This book is a call for genuine, passionate, consistent and determined effort towards building an army of young people whose love for the Lord is not in doubt, with fear of the Lord in its right place and zeal for the gospel at a blazing level.
Oh that the heavens may rain on us in this generation for a renewed hunger and thirst for righteousness and for passion for souls. May the oil of the Holy Spirit for the quickening of our inner man be released upon all the young people everywhere for extending the frontiers of God’s Kingdom here on earth


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