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Аня  Шеремет


I will be very glad to see your message)))

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Greetings to you all) I just want to thank God for what He is in my life .... For all His blessings in our lives ..... He loves everyone so much that He gave His Son .... I would have |más

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Brighter Tomorrows

Never stop caring about the little things in life,
Never stop dreaming or give in to strife.
Never stop building bridges that lead to promising tomorrows,
Never stop trying or give in to sorrows.
Never stop smiling and looking forward to each new day,
But most of all my friend…
Never stop shining in your own special way.
Never forget that all storms can clear.
The grayest sky can turn pure blue.
Remember, brighter tomorrows are near…


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привет Анна! Как Жизнь ??


Happy Birthday, dorogaya Anya!!! Pozdravlyayu tebe i jelayu bolshe rosti v Boge! God bless you!!!


"узки ворота и тесна дорога, ведущая к жизни, и немногие находят ее" Матфей 7:14. Помилуй нас, Господи!

Mauricio Daniel SUAREZ

Hello my sister, how are you? I though your state: (I will be very glad to see your message) so I decided to write, jaja. Well, many greetings and blessings

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