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Ceyda Asli|Turkey

The only Turkish director working on films concerning women, spiritualism and realization.www.facebook.com/ceyda.asli.filmmaker

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Turkey (Izmir)


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The Terry Porter Agency -Los Angeles, CA

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+1 310.228.7835Mobile

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Ceyda Asli is one of very few female directors not only from Turkey but also from the Middle East. She is the only Turkish director working on films concerning women, spiritualism and realization. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2895897/ After Graduating from Istanbul University Department of English Literature, she wrote for publications such as Daily News and Middle East Journal on the trials and tribulations of Middle Eastern women. She was also the Editor-in-Chief of CIDC Insight Journal. It gave her an opportunity to create advertising campaigns and to shoot TV commercials. This jettisoned her into filmmaking. She has been... filming her own scripts for the past five years. Award winning director is also known as the youngest female director of the Turkish Cinema. The award winning artist was also selected as one of the 5 Most Successful Entrepreneur Women of Turkey in 2009 by Turkish Garanti Bank, KAGDER (Women Entrepreneur Association,) and KOB (Small and Medium Administration Union) See More Website ://www.facebook.com/pages/Ceyda-Asli-Film-Director/240426272656213?sk=wall


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Ceyda Asli agregó el video "Whilst On My Way"

Whilst On My Way

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